things I need to put in a blog post so I can remove them from my bookmarks list

I've got folders of stuff all over my desktop. Lists, recipes, photos (most of them meaningless - blogging has created a whole new category of photography: meaningless photos used only for posts), ideas and passwords.

But over there <, my bookmark list is longer than my arm. And only half of them are active bookmarks. A lot of them are things I think I should actively remember.
Like this. I love this blackbird bird call thing. It's not cheap. But neither am I.

I've bookmarked the big, stupid, annoying babystyle site because I bought a big stupid gift for a baby and then changed my mind about it and they won't give me my money back. Now I have a big stupid credit at their dumbass site. So, my reasoning is, if I leave the site in the bookmarks I'll remember about the credit the next time I need to send someone a gift. See? I'm already remembering a couple of pregnant women who I'm friendly with. Maybe I'll send them gifts.

I can't put this recipe into my recipe folder because we only put tried and true recipes in there.
We haven't tried these, so we don't know if they are true. But I mean to make a batch. I'm on a total salt kick.

Will I remember Paxton Gate? Or has the novelty worn off. Time will tell.

They are a thrift shop/auction site, and they have some wonderful things. It's for a good good cause, and is tons of fun to browse...hope it doesn't get too popular.

I need to remember moo because I think I want to print a set of cards. With my meaningless pictures. From my folder of meaningless blog photos. Does anyone know if I can put my card on the back of them? I could bring them to blogher.

Restoration Hardware
is pretty much going to have to stay in the active list. Aside from all the other gear we bought for the bathroom, we bought a Hutton sink. The first one we received (after waiting two months for it) was damaged. The second one was the wrong color. I call them all the time.

K's sister says this tea is great for people with respiratory disease, but that it doesn't taste especially good - what are the odds that I can get Youngest to drink it?

I have a new passion for platform shoes. And I love these. And they are $23.oo. But they don't have my size.

I have always loved this video.

And I still do. And I love the haircut/wig.

Here's another bookmark I'm not sure what to do with. I don't think I'd ever order anything, but it's all nice to look at.

I do need to try to remember to order these.
They would be handy when I want to ride on the scooter AND wear a skirt, don't you think?

This is the jacket that K tore up in his accident. I wrote to them to see if I could get some fabric to make patches on the elbows - they never wrote back. K is thinking we should patch the torn elbows with leather, which is a good idea, but which the shoemaker will have to do. I think.

Youngest needs a new wetsuit.

I'd like an oilcloth tablecloth, but, dang, they are expensive.

I haven't even included the bookmarks to blogs that I'm perusing but not actively reading on a day to day basis.



Paula said…
I LOVE moo cards! I have a moo file of all the things I want on mine when I have a wide enough variety.

And you probably don't want to hear this can get oil cloth at a fabric store or and make your owm table cloth. I'm just sayin'.
Anonymous said…
Madonna ... the woman is sexy at ... what? 50?
Geggie said…
The tableclothes are beautiful!mkg
MizMell said…
I heard your cry for a meme... and responded. You're tagged!
Badger said…
I hate the Frankenshoes.

But I loves me some salty caramels, so lemme know if that recipe is any good. Once you've tried it.

If you buy the oilcloth at a fabric store, you can just cut it with pinking sheers and you won't have to sew it.

Caterina said…
I adore Restoration Hardware although I've never ordered online from them, only in store.

Any chance I can be added to "blogs that I'm perusing?" Did that sound too pathetic? :)
woof nanny said…
I have Moo cards as my business cards. I love 'em.

For Christmas, I hole-punched them and tied them onto ribbon for gift packages of treats

There's a discussion group on flickr of all the stuff people do with their cards (magnets, etc)
Anonymous said…
This is a little after the fact, but I bought those little platform shoes, the ones from Payless. I saw them in the window and loved them instantly. But I got them from Baker's, a shoe store chain in So.Calif., which is a strata above Payless, but ony because its an actual boutiquey type of store that sells trendy cheap shoes, the kind of place that employs actual people to retrieve the shoes of your choosing from the back room. The shoes are so uncomfortable to wear (for me) because they are stiff and the strap sort of impedes the movement of your foot, which you would think could be remedied by making the strap looser, but which only gives your foot less support so I feel like I have to work to keep my foot in the shoe. Hard to explain. Anyway, they are so cute, but didn't work out for me. I do well with Campers and pumps.

Happy Birthday to Youngest.
blackbird said…
those shoes look like they'd do that....
excellent field research!

and thanks to you (and everyone ) for their kind wishes for Youngest.