a tale of two parties

It was lots of fun, we aren't party people, it was meaningful, it was silly, it was the height of indulgence, it was the most heartfelt gesture, it was a cold dark evening, it was a cold wet afternoon, it was a high point in teenage life, it was the beginning of adulthood...okay, it was a sweet sixteen at a very swank club and a college graduation barbecue party at the home of old friends.
The gatherings couldn't have been more different, and yet each was a wonderful celebration.

Friday night found us celebrating the birthday of the gorgeous young lady who was Middle's first girlfriend.

birthday girl

Dressed to the nines, she made a wonderful entrance and joined her already rocking party.

The room was swathed in red. There were roses everywhere, beautifully arranged.


<span class=

There was a lavish buffet, a bar for teens and a private one for adults -

it was dark

Our host was handsome in his Italian threads - Etro for the metro! he shouted to me and flashed his outrageous lining.


There were lots of security people to ensure that the hundred or so youths remained well behaved as the hostess would not tolerate the kind of activity that has been prevailing at Tuvaluan teen parties of late.


It never mattered - the girls in their best dresses, and boys, somewhat awkward in their trousers and black shirts, partied hard and well. It was a delight to watch.

fuzzy hat

Middle, in a fuzzy hat that made its way around the room, sat through most of it. While he wasn't anti-social, he was a little withdrawn. His present girlfriend was not in attendance.

It was Youngest who surprised us.

getting down

As we sat sipping cocktails we spied him atop a platform above the dance floor.

Youngest 2

He tore the place up.
He danced all night, and we scooped him up and took him home where we all fell into our beds sometime after midnight. Right after we had our cake...


On Saturday, K and I went off to a barbecue to celebrate J's graduation. J and Oldest were the closest little playmates for many years.

j painting

J is an accomplished and determined young woman - and, I believe, the first college graduate in her family.

<span class=

The decor was different. There was no need for a security staff, but there was an efficient bartender and a very busy grill man.

grill man

The hostess has a great sense of whimsy...

flying bike

Our host flashed his Sturgis souvenirs -

the dad2

A delightful Irish grandma told me to come sit by her and tickled me with uproarious stories of 50 years of marriage.


We watched toasts being made -

drinking blue

with Johnny Walker Blue, and saw the crowd thicken as the rain got heavier.


Too cold for dessert -


we watched a little karaoke before making our farewells.

singing in the rain

Miss J and her friends were tearing the place up.

grad girl

And we were proud to know her too.


BabelBabe said…
the first party sounds like my idea of hell, although I am glad youngest had a good time.

the second party sounds much more my speed.

i am fast approaching this bat mitzvah extravaganza, and am dreading that party...
jenny said…
I'm not sure I'd be enjoying that first party but those pictures of Youngest? Are AWESOME.
Badger said…
I do so love a good biker barbecue.

We are going to a pre-wedding crawfish boil next Friday and I CAN'T WAIT.
Anonymous said…
Oh well, I partied too yesterday...it was my beep1st birthday....I meant @1st...ooops @1st.
Oh dear...I can't seem to write it properly!
So there, me and Youngest partying hard, almost simultaneously...
Aren't Taurus something???
Alice said…
The first was a bit sweet sixteen-esque, ever see that awful show on MTV or did you get to miss that too with boys?
Thank your lucky stars.
Anonymous said…
I am so surprised that the "Sweet Sixteen" party actually exists. Really, the extravabance blows my mind.

The barbecue looks awesome.
tut-tut said…
It's all fun when you're not at the helm. Good thing birhday bash had prowlers . . .
MizMell said…
One of the most wonderful things about warmer weather is the outdoor parties.

Can't imagine just a lavish celebration for a 16-year old...
Caterina said…
I would've enjoyed either party, I love a party! Woo-hoo :)
Anonymous said…
I can't believe you posted my cousin's kitchen on your blog. Yes, that is her in the picture. :)
blackbird said…
That IS quite a coincidence anonymous!