Spencer Tunick shoots in Mexico

Do you know Spencer Tunick's photos?

Picture 2

I used to find them disturbing.
Then again, he used to put out a call for naked people and shoot at dawn, guerrilla style* in grotty places, so sometimes they sort of were disturbing.
One used to hear about him rushing onto a location with dozens of naked people, shouting arrangements quickly and shooting moments before being arrested.
As he's been recognized more as an artist, his shoots have become more, uh, refined.

Yesterday, Mr. Tunick photographed 18,000 people in Mexico City's largest public square.
And he wasn't arrested.

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I'm guessing the stuff on the bottom of the picture are the participants clothing.
And though he does still shoot early in the morning, I would guess that now it is due to the environmental conditions rather than avoiding any legal confrontations.


It would appear that he can take some time to set his shots now.

A few years ago K and I met a couple who knew him and we talked about some of his shoots. When we got home we signed up on line to participate in one - I can't remember where anymore. But we never heard from anyone and forgot about it.

I think it would be an amazing event to take part in...

Spencer <span class=

And I also think that some of the photos taken during the shoot are just as fascinating as the finished products.

Spencer <span class=

One could certainly have a great time writing captions for this picture.
But, all humor aside, it must be a moving experience.

Spencer <span class=

And so, what I had originally felt to be de-humanizing,

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may in fact be incredibly humanizing.

*no permits, no lighting, no assistants, no money...


BabelBabe said…
I would not.
Annagrace said…
I couldn't. But then we all know that I have ISSUES.
Unknown said…
wow, you are one brave woman, props.
Badger said…
I'd do it too. But some of those poses look a little uncomfortable. I'm not as limber as I used to be, for cryin' out loud.
Jennifer said…
I have no problems with the human body. Naked, clothed.. what have you. But the human brain.. I have a problem with that! Well more so the lack of brains people have
Joke said…
I went to a party like that once. Like an idiot, I was too busy making grain alcohol punch to become the great artist I shoulda been and it's the world's loss I haven't.

That said. This guy should get together with that guy who wraps things (islands, skyscrapers) in giganticmous sheets of vinyl fabric.

Speaking strictly for myself, I don't have enough faith in the hygiene habits of my fellow human beings to participate in this sort of endeavor.

MizMell said…
Well, it's never too late! Contact the fellow and see what happens...
Jess said…
I like the juxtaposition with all the nude art. I don't know that I'd do it, but the pictures are fascinating.
Anonymous said…
Very well said. And you made me see it differently. I think I could do, would do, for the sake of art. The last pictures says it all. Thank you for this intriguing post.
She said…
Just stumbled across your blog. Regarding posing nude - it seems to be a wonderfully liberating and soul-affirming experience, that is if done somewhere warm! I live in London and there is no way on this earth i could imagine getting me wobbly bits out even in the Spring here!

I look forward to reading your blog in the future!