of course it's going to rain

On one hand, it's good it's going to rain: K was planning to ride the scooter to the train station.
He's achy today, but he slept pretty well and his scrapes look good.
He won't ride in rain (never did if he could help it) and he doesn't ride if the pavement is wet.

On the other hand: I loaned K's mom my teeny umbrella when she went to Amsterdam last month and it hasn't stopped raining since.
And today I'm going into town to meet a blogger for coffee.

This poses shoe issues as well as umbrella issues. More shoe issues, actually, as I don't like to carry umbrellas, but I have a lot of walking to do.
I'm walking to the station - and then walking around town - and meeting her at Starbucks.
And WHO, you wonder, am I meeting?
Ms. Kilowatthour!

K and I and even Oldest (who was shaken) appreciate all your kind wishes. We are all on the mend - and Oldest took his friend (who had seen the accident and was on the bus and tried to get off!) out for a beer.

I don't know how Hugh Laurie does it. Walking with a cane is HARD.

...more later.


Anonymous said…
Stop at the drugstore and BUY ANOTHER UMBRELLA. Since you apparently live in a permanent monsoon weather system. Or, take a kitchen trashbag with you and hold it over your head. Your blogger friend will be impressed with your panache.
BabelBabe said…
OH! Sooooooooo jealous! Invade her personal space and rub her babytummy for me, would you? Thanks.

and yes, buy another umbrella. splurge and buy a couple. (I buy mine at thrift shops whenever I see them, because the boys in my life seem intent on leaving umbrellas all over this fair city...)
Suse said…
Oh oh oh, just catching up after an absence.

Poor poor K. Give him my very best for a speedy recovery of both shattered nerves and ripped skin.

And I am so jealous that someone (else) gets to have coffee with you. And I don't even like coffee.
Suse said…
By the way, a friend of mine who's a physiotherapist, says that both Hugh Laurie and the redhead lesbian from ER carry their canes in the WRONG hand. Stoopid actors. You would think the researchers for the shows would check that, no?

If you have a sore/crippled left leg, you have the cane in your right hand.

Like so.
Badger said…
Yes, please give the Miniwatt a pat from me also.

And head pats to K and Oldest as well.

It has been raining here for three days and I am a little tired of it.

I am wearing my ugly shoes.
blackbird said…
We did NOT know that about the cane! The STOOPID nurse never showed him...
Angela said…
Oh! I'm so sorry to hear about the accident. And SO glad to hear that K is on the mend. And SO thrilled to hear that you're meeting up with Ms. Kilowatthour!!!

Tuvalu is definitely a land of excitement.
Anonymous said…
The one day I did not check your blog, s..t happens.
So, while I have to say I am so sorry to hear about K's fall and Oldest scare, you know already that I did not flip.
And why? You would ask...
Because it's like EVERYDAY story around here where we live on our scooters!
So, dear K, I'm there with you, know it all and understand exactly how you're feeling today!
Hang in there...
Hugs to you all
PS Gorgeous hands.
Anonymous said…

I am so very jealous. Please say my name just once so that i can feel like i'm there too.

My two favourite stateside bloggers in one starbucks.
kilowatthour said…
well, we were kind of in two starbuckses there for a bit...
Anonymous said…
I've always wanted to ask you... when did K get his scooter? because since I'm using the car all the time and the office is only about 10 minutes away (by car) from home, my husband is thinking about getting one for himself. I was totally cool with that (already picturing myself with my hair in the wind, etc., etc.) but now I'm a bit worried. K is the second blogger's husband who got hurt...
Anonymous said…
I just saw this! How scary. I'm very glad I read it the day after so I know K is okay. Hope you had plenty of your wine with the fun labels for later that day! And the poor little scooter - will you get it fixed?
Joke said…

I'm glad I read these posts now, because had I read the first way back, and waited until now for this one, I would have been beside myself with worry.

This may sound strange coming from a loon like me, but anything with two wheels scares me into (metaphorically speaking) incontinence.

MizMell said…
Quick thinking on K's part with the near miss with the road hog. Glad nothing is broken... it just takes too damn long to mend!

Hope you splurge on a new umbrella... and buy your MIL her own for Mother's Day. (I always try to buy people presents based on what they borrow the most from me.)