May 17


Today Youngest is 13.
I know 13 sounds old, but, trust me, IT'S NOT.
He is my youngest and will always be my Youngest.

In thirteen photos -

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He loves Lorina.

in the surf

Is happiest in the surf.

<span class=

Brought me this baby sunflower.

<span class=

Eats eel.

Youngest <span class=

Likes to wear his Santa had AND his reindeer antlers.


Still snuggles Jeero.


Is pensive.


Is witty.


Plays a mean game of poker.

hands Youngest

Has incredibly long, thin fingers.

hugging Youngest

Will let me hug him if I ask permission.


Works with the "okay" sign a lot.


MizMell said…
And now he's a teenager!
He shares his birthday with my other half... who's turning 50!
Anonymous said…
happy birthday youngest!

hoping that one day I'll get to know your real name :)
Badger said…
Aw! Happy birthday to Youngest!
thethinker said…
Happy Birthday to him! Thirteen is the beginning of the teenage years. Enjoy!
Carol said…
From everything you've written over the past two years - he seems like your most sensitive boy - I LOVE that in an adolescent!!

Happy Birthday to him - I hope he has an amazing day.
Paula said…
Happy Birthday to you both.

It's good to let them be young for as long as possible...
tut-tut said…
A lovely tribute. Have a wonderful day.
jenny said…
I love the pictures...

Have a great day, youngest!
Anonymous said…
Yikes - he eats EEL with CHOPSTICKS! He has nothing to learn as an adult. Youngest... you are a legend in your own lifetime...have a great day
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday, Youngest!
And wishing an excellent day to you, too, BB. These milestones are always a bit poignant, aren't they?
Poppy Buxom said…
Happy Birthday, youngest!

Now go give your mother a hug.
Anonymous said…
Oh, my heart! He's wonderful and I can feel your love for him!
Anonymous said…
The first picture is the reason why I started reading you, so I guess youngest has a BIG part in all of this.
Again, Happy Birthday to Youngest and a great day to you all.
PS I always noticed the wonderful hands of all your men (the ones pictured). Hands are the first thing I notice.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday to Youngest!

My oldest turns 13 in a few weeks.
Heather said…
Huh. I never realized (until about 3 seconds ago) that his birthday is the same as Callum's. May 17th is a very good day to have a baby with dark brown eyes.

Happy Birthday Youngest!
Susie Sunshine said…
He was allowed to wear a porn T-shirt before he was a teen?!
(You got a cool mom there, Youngest!)

Happy birthday day, Youngest and birthing day, BB.
BabelBabe said…
happy birthday to youngest!
Suse said…
happy birthday youngest!
kilowatthour said…
happy birthday to youngest!
Anonymous said…
On my birthday would you follow me around and take 33 photos of me and write nice things?h
Anonymous said…
My younger son's b'day is May 16. I tried to get the obstetrician to schedule the c-section for May 17 -- syttende mai, Norway's National Day, a big day in Minneapolis -- but he only did surgery on Tuesdays and the 17th was on a Wednesday that year. Happy syttende Mai to Youngest!
blackbird said…
Youngest was induced on May 17th so that my OBGYN could go on vacation and K could return to a shoot -