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I've told you before that Paola (who does not have a blog, but SHOULD) sends me photos nearly every day to further whet my appetite for Positano, land of my dreams, where I will travel in September (109 days!).
Often they are breathtaking shots of the panorama, sometimes they are pictures to illustrate something she tells me about (hundreds of stairs! in the rain!) and sometimes she is just sending me photos of her adorable little boy (and, it turns out, her FABULOUS HUSBAND will sometimes pose with him).
But yesterday, to help cheer me, she sent pictures of her kitchen, which is undergoing renovation.
I thought I'd show you what's going on...

P's kitchen

Note that with my brilliant photoshop skills I have indicated areas to discuss. (I'm only working with a trackpad, so be kind about my labeling.)

A: I am delighted to see that Paola is fond of the slightly cluttered look that I appreciate as well. After all, one cannot live in an ancient city in Italy and be all streamlined and mid-century modern, can one? No. I'm telling you, NO. I'm not sure that is Paola in that striking photo. Also, she seems to like candles. NOTED.

B: Perhaps I will bring her a bulletin board or an accordion file.

C: See? On the other side of the world, in an ancient Italian city, life is not so different.

Photo number two:

P's terrace

A: Big stones from the demo of her kitchen.

B: Little stones from the demo of her kitchen.

C: In Positano rubber gloves grow on trees!

And where does that debris go after it basks on the terrace in the moonlight?

debris removal

Down hundreds of steps!

There were other photos of her work in progress, and she ALWAYS has good stories to tell.
Why oh why can she not make a blog for us?
(All she'd really need to do is post her emails! It could be called Emails From Positano.)

Okay, next:

<span class=

I anxiously await the publication of Maira Kalman's book based on her visual blog.
Plus, I could really go for a cheeseburger deluxe.

This is what my stats looked like the other day.


Isn't that something? So many people from so many distant places. And I can see where they live and what computer they use and how often they obsessively check on my posts. (ONE of you is not getting this. How much more do I need to spell out?)

I continue to be obsessed with Bensimons.

boots and ballet

I would take each of these.

<span class=

And these too.
Does anyone have any experience with them? Do they run large or small?
Irene, can you weigh in?

And speaking of footwear -

<span class=

Did you know that this is the only acceptable type of sock right now?
I mean on youths.
I was looking at them the other day, thinking: peds on my boys? no effing way, and sure enough, Youngest came home and announced that he MUST have ankle socks ASAP as he is a sock outcast, the subject of quiet disapproval by his peers.
It's okay though, because I haven't bought socks for him since he was eight and they are getting kind of tight. And worn out.

(Do you think there is an internet era phrase that means the same thing? DON'T CLICK!)


Free People is having a special sale on their shorts!
Only $48 per pair!

Forget it.
I can't even HOPE to think of anything funnier than $48 shorts.


KPB said…
Just the thought of living somewhere called Positano, let alone actual Positano makes me swoon.

And that rustic stone chimney - sigh sigh sigh.

I LOVE the idea of a wall mounted television. I want one in our bedroom.

They are the ONLY socks my boys wear - except their grey school socks which are exactly the same as when I went to school. But the anklet - is the only currency to the boys, even in winter. Eugh, cold ankles - awful.

Not only $48 for shorts, but short shorts. If it makes you feel better, in Australian dollars that's about $70.

I like the look of those bensimons as well - especially the blue and pink ones in your first pic. Nice.
afc said…
oh those shots from italy are amazing. i would be counting down the days too!!
Badger said…
My boy refuses to submit to the ankle sock fad. The girl, however, is all in.

Please tell me there are TWO pairs of orange shoes up there, one stacked on top of the other. And not one pair that LOOKS like two pairs. Because if the latter is true, I just may LOSE MY MIND.


I will put in my vote for Paola to start a blog. Especially if it has pictures. I'd read it!
Unknown said…
white anckle socks are the only socks I wear. I mean, all year long. I know, I think I have issues.

I just checked my pair of Bensimons and the boys' and I find that their sizing is true, neither large or small.

hope it helps!
jenny said…
So, Positano looks a little, um, BEAUTIFUL.

Funny how you haven't bought socks for so long...I buy packs of them every two months or so - they just disappear.

The boy wears alot of ankle socks, even under his hockey skates, which - ew. Better than when he goes barefoot in them, though.
Suse said…
I like Paola's chimney.

(I was going to say Paola's stack, but I think that means something else entirely).

(Was that me in Australia, checking on your blog three times in one hour?)
MizMell said…
Positano! I would love to visit Italy... can't you make room for one more?

Perhaps you can get your Italian friend all hooked up blogging when you visit. THAT would be a treat for us all. Love the photos, but here again, I would love to visit Italy as well.

And, no-can-do $48 shorts. Just can't bring myself to do that...
RW said…
Hey - where is the Canadian flag.... hmmm.

My household is split - my daughter wears ankle socks or no socks - my son wears only white crew socks - they have to be plain white so they will show the requisite grass stains.
Paula said…
Love Italy...hate socks AND shoes...and now I want a burger.

Paola should start a blog, I would read it just because we have the same name. And I LOVE Italy.
Alice said…
I'm so impressed by your photoshop skills.. brilliant.
Oh, and about the shorts just because they are less expensive (but still expensive), that doesn't even mean they look good, I mean whens the last time shorts actually looked good on anyone... Just say no people.
Unknown said…
You are just starting with the ankle socks phenom? Oh my goodness, we've been doing this ridiculous practice winter, spring, summer, and fall for the past couple of years. Is it not insane? Why, yes it IS insane. Especially in the dead of winter in Boston. But it's the style....

Positano is so fabulous and I'm jealous that you are going. I love the entire Amalfi coast, but oh...get in some serious stair climbing activity before you go or you're going to be exhausted. Those people have LEGS.

Mad skillage with the Photoshop. I'm quite impressed!

Hate HATE HATE the new Greenly, btw. She is HORRIBLE.
BabelBabe said…
i like those shorts but they would make me look even more ginormous than i already am.

i wanna go back to italy....
robiewankenobie said…
i've got you syndicated...does that count? also? now i'm concerned about the dirty internet phrases i might be using unwittingly.
Anonymous said…
Those shorts will not create the image that you aspire to on the Amalfi coast. And don't even think about the ankle socks or you will have the carabinieri arresting you at the airport. Anyway those fab black and white wedges look better without socks!
blackbird said…
I haven't worn shorts in years!
I plan on wearing capris and skirts in Italy...
Anonymous said…
The Czech Republic missed the cut! You have at least one fond lurker from Prague. Ah, and the ankle socks? To save someone else a pesky heel blister, they do not work with hiking boots ;-).
Unknown said…
I hope it wasn't me you were alluding to... I check your blog several times a day becuase my life is so empty right now and I am constantly seeking escape. I only saw myself once on the list, but it was near the top, so I must've checked shortly before you did.

And now I want a cheeseburger deluxe. Big time.

word verification: Yarau— Y ara u checking my blog so frequently? bb wants to know...
--erica said…
italy.. sigh

$48 shorts? UGGLY!!
Anonymous said…
I'm just delurking to say that I don't remember how I stumbled onto your site, but love reading your stuff and enjoy your pictures. I would love to blog, but have yet to find the time. Maybe when I grow up and get a few minutes away from my little darlins I can post and take lovely pictures like you!

PS don't think I'm stalking you per se - just the dry, insightful writing and the pretty pics of clothes and home decor:)
Helen said…
Paola needs a blog, it's true. I'm from New Zealand, but I'm not the obsessive one you're talking to. hehehe. ankle socks? get real!
tut-tut said…
Very nice to see something of the mysterious, loyal Paola! Lucky you to be going.
Sarah Louise said…
Happy to be #22, logging in from Pittsburgh, PA (that will be a US Flag).

Love love Italy. Yes, Paola should start blogging, ASAP...or in September.

ankle socks? I'm with Paula--no socks and well, they'd fire me if I went to work shoeless probably, but NO SOCKS!

The Ben Simons--never heard of them before now--your blog is so educational, bb, I like the sky blue ones only. Like Badger, I want to make sure the orange ones aren't some strange halucination of two pairs...

I haven't paid $48 for shorts in years, baby. (Who am I kidding--I go to Goodwill, where even if the prices have gone up, we're talking $5 shorts.) I only this year got into capris. (My mom wears them, so it was a "getting over becoming my mom" moment/purchase/experience)

I haven't posted pictures in AGES, so I better get on that...tomorrow.

my vw is kdjflsdkjf or something taht looks like "sucks to be you" which I would say is the antithesis of this post or the answer to someone saying "Guess what? I just got the best deal at Free People on shorts--only $48!!"
Heather said…
Do you have Northern Ireland now, too?
Anonymous said…
i love those bensimmons shoes.

and all those anthropoligies clothes. SO YUMMY!!!

Anonymous said…
also...my husband and I were just near Positano...we spent about a week in Sorrento.

which was beautiful, only we had no money. and being in sorrento with no money, is kind of pointless.


also, would never, ever, ever in my life...even if someone paid me...DRIVE A VEHICLE in ITALY. EVER. AGAIN.

It's amazing I am alive.

now...about those SHOES. where on earth does one score such yumminess?

blackbird said…
Stella -

I'll try to remember to bring some money to Positano!

Bensimons are not available where I live (didn't look where you live) but I have a friend in Paris...