the juggling isn't the hard part

The hard part is finding someone to make you a Plexiglas inverted cone.


Badger said…
No, the hard part is EVER GETTING LAID AGAIN once people have seen you do this.

Or maybe there are juggling groupies out there, I dunno.
Unknown said…
When I was a working stiff, I used to share an office with this guy:
(the kid is his son)

You can't really tell it from the web site, but this guy is one of the geekiest and best jugglers around. Prize winning juggling. Sharing an office with him was... interesting. Not much in the personality bucket, but the guy was a WONDERFUL juggler. He could do 7 balls at the same time, around his neck, behind his back, through his legs...and he did it often... in the office! I'd be working away and thwack thwack...he's juggling. But it was great entertainment. Three and a half years of entertainment. Taught my kids how to juggle, too.

Ah, memories. I like being a non-worker so much better!
Paula said…
I wonder, is that like bumper bowling for kids? Hmm.