Isabella Blow

Ms. Blow died yesterday, or the day before - it isn't clear to me.
She was a great lady of fashion, Ms. Blow. One could barely read a fashion magazine without her being mentioned or photographed.

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She was known for her hats. And her discoveries. And, now that I'm reading more about her, her eccentricities.

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Most places reported that she died of cancer. Then one or two wrote that there was some question as to what happened. Eventually I read that she had attempted suicide twice within the last year - throwing herself off an overpass at one point.
I tend to believe the Wikipedia entry, partly because it is such a colorful ending for a life that was just that.
But it doesn't matter. She's gone out. And she was a very bright light.


tut-tut said…
The things you know!
Alice said…
So sad.
Her fashion was always so eccentric and inspirational.
She'll be missed on the best dressed lists.
BabelBabe said…
Wow. DID she drink weed killer?
What does one mix with that to kill the taste?
Suse said…
Lighter fluid, darl.
MizMell said…
Threw herself off an overpass? Made me think of Mary Wollenstonecraft.