I'm not crazy about Mother's Day.
Sure, I don't mind doing nice things for my mom, but I'm not comfortable with my kids making a big deal for me.
Thank god they are out of the elementary school where there is a "fair" at which the children bring money from home and choose gifts. I have coffee mugs and flashlights and all kinds of tchotchkes from those days. I would prefer flowers or a macaroni necklace and always felt that teaching them consumerism for a pretend holiday seemed wrong.
This year my boys did very well...


If you turn it upside down, Youngest's card is about World Of Warcraft. Appropriate.
He tucked a Starbucks card inside it.

Oldest gave me a card with a beer drinking animal on it.


And a Target card inside it, which, I realized after I thought about it, is a fabulous idea.

And Middle gave me this one -

card M

and these:


bb: gosh, Middle, these are really pretty...

Middle: yeah, they took a long time to make.

bb: ....

Middle: and I used a lot of glue.

bb: ...

Middle: the hard part is making it so the glue doesn't show. I stayed up really late.

K gave me a very sweet card.
And these.

<span class=

Maybe Mother's Day isn't so bad after all.


Paula said…
Coffee, shopping, flower, and shoes...what more could a girl ask for?!

And if anyone can pull off blue nail polish it's you.
Caterina said…
Are those THE shoes? The platforms you had been asking us to talk you into buying? If so, I must say they look smashing! And it sounds like you had quite a nice Mother's Day. Happy Mom's Day!
Anonymous said…
as soon as i saw the card I thought 'world of warcraft?'

BabelBabe said…
middle totally cracks me up.

glad your day was nice, dear bb.
Anonymous said…
Woo hoo - you can't find a better man than one who gives adorable shoes for mother's day.

I got a Starbucks gift card from The Young One - good thing we don't ahve a penchant for bars!
--erica said…
Love the blue!
Happy mom's day to one of the coolest MOM's I know! :)
MsCellania said…
You scored.
And look at that Toe-Lengthening blue polish!

Middle might be my fave, if - ahem - I were absolutely forced to pick. But that's only because I am deathly afraid of 21 and 12 year olds. One age knows everything and isn't afraid to tell you. And the other knows too much and is very afraid to tell you.
RW said…
Your day sounded lovely.
Glad to see you got the shoes!
Flowers are good.
Did you drink anything special?
Claudia said…
Actually, when I saw the card, I didn't think of "World of Warcraft".

I instantly read "WOW", which is pretty appropriate for a MOM, IMHO.
Anonymous said…
That Middle...
Platforms look awesome on you.
Yes, it was a good Mother's Day indeed for you.
I did not wish you anything because I recall you saying you weren't crazy about this day but I guess you have changed your mind by now, haven't you?
I'll show you my toes when we see again, OK?
MizMell said…
Got the shoes! Someone has been paying attention (or taking the hint?)

Your children chose equally well... you're a lucky Mom.
afc said…
not a fan of the blue, but love the shoes (from that angle?). happy mother's day.