flower arrangements

Right this minute Middle is playing with the band at the music festival hundreds of miles from here. I am so nervous for him - and he is so far away.


I realized this afternoon that I have some post traumatic stress from K's accident.
My shoulders and neck have been tight and tense since Oldest's phone call.


It has exhausted me and I haven't taken a moment to focus on what's happened - that he's okay, that we were lucky, even that Oldest reacted very well and maintained calm throughout.


I'm the type of person who prides herself in never letting these things effect my life - in doing what needs to be done in times of stress, but, as I get older, I realize that stressful situations take a toll on me physically.


I used to laugh at the notion that people could be physically effected by the trials of life, now I work under that premise and am shocked when I realize that my head is sore from worry.


Now, when something befalls us, I go through the motions and am surprised when, days later, it hits me. My shoulders have been tense since Tuesday. I jump when the phone rings - I need to have a cry.


But I won't give myself the luxury of time to weep a little...I'll just keep going.
And then my emotions get misplaced. I'll worry about Middle - and he is fine.


How beautiful are these flowers?
They are the work of a friend of my MIL's, H.
And H is single and adorable.
And I am giving her phone number to W, the guitar teacher/surfer dude.
They would be an adorable couple - and, in my fantasy world, they will meet, fall slowly in love, and be forever in my debt for having introduced them.


I'll let my fantasy push aside my fears.


Paula said…
Perhaps we should have a good cry together, and then get on with life.
Anonymous said…
Nope. You need to get it out. Brushing it aside just lets it linger and cause damage.
Anonymous said…
Lovely flowers. The tight arrangements of roses remind of some of the ones in [*whispers*] Martha's [/whisper] books.
kt said…
excellent matchmaking plan.
Unknown said…
Can you wait ten years? Then you can help with my wedding...
But don't hold your breath on the date.
MizMell said…
I think you just need to find a sad movie and bawl. Get it out of your system and you'll feel better.
Anonymous said…
Go out with K and have fun, enjoy soem quality time together and have a drink!
It'll help.
That Alice is funny indeed.
And the match making seems just perfect.
Anonymous said…
Lovely picture with superb description about it. I wish i can grab those flowers on my hand. It would be certainly a dream weddinnf rather than a fantasy one. The combination of flower and the enlightened candle looks real.
Anonymous said…
I know what you mean about the post traumatic stress thing. Give yourself the freedom to cry and take deep belly breaths. I'm glad everyone is ok....