Last weekend was my nephew's first communion.
He's a wee tiny thing and looked very fine in his suit - his sister was an altar server.
It seemed like a long mass, but it was only an hour. I'm not used to Jesus playing such a central role in church services and I saw Youngest raise his eyebrow a bit at the blood and body part of the mass.
Afterwards we piled in our cars and went to L's house for linner (lunch/dinner). It was catered Italian food and, I'll tell you, when catered Italian food is good it's a wonderful thing.
So it was a wonderful thing.
We don't see a lot of L's in laws, but we were able to pick right up with them.
His brother-in-law is charming and funny and I was sorry he had to leave for a business trip.
My FAOA and Uncle were there too, and the neatest thing happened.
At one point I looked around and everyone was eating and drinking and laughing, in little clusters around the rooms...there were Aunts in the kitchen talking about stain removal and Uncles in the living room talking about road trips...everyone was out back playing.
It was just the way those parties should be.


Carol said…
It sounds like one of those parties a family from the Godfather would have! ONly much better and without someone dying!

I know exactly what you mean by your comment about church. whenever I go back to "regular" church it is enlightening to hear the messages again from such a distance.

Oh- and the shoes. Awesome. You have to tell where they are from. Maybe I'll join you in this purchase. I think I live far enough away from Tuvalu that we won't risk running in to each other.
Paula said…
Such a lovely picture.
MizMell said…
It's always soooo nice when in-laws and out-laws get along... just doesn't happen quite often enough. Good times, though.
Poppy Buxom said…
So ... who's the star attraction at your church services? she asked nervously, wondering whether inverted crosses are involved.
Joke said…

Be careful of people who ::cough, cough:: know where to get Italian caterers.

Sarah Louise said…
sounds lovely, esp. the leftovers.