the Anthropologie tent sale - a report

I trekked over to Anthropologie yesterday, along with the rest of the Tuvaluan female population. They are having their annual tent sale and I went to check it out.
K and I are attending an outdoor/country wedding and my blouse:


is giving me some trouble. It either needs to be altered (not a problem) or I have to figure out how to tie it the way it is in the picture, because I wore it last Friday night and looked like I had gift-wrapped my chest.

I thought I would check the tent sale as I had seen some things on line that were nicely reduced.

And this is what I tried on: (to wear with my black trousers and black and white platforms)

see through blouse

Bluer than it looks it appears online, this blouse feels lovely. Light, floaty, but it's totally see-through and I am not in the mood to search down a nice black cami for underneath it. Very pattern-y for me too.

This one-

other floaty blouse

looked pretty good on me but has so MUCH GOING ON. Ties here and there and it STILL needs a black something underneath. Didn't blow me away.

floaty blouse

Even fewer ties, which was good, but the hem hit my ass at its widest point. As my mom would say: it didn't do a THING for me.

crazy pattern

I think I thought: if I wear a busy pattern no one will focus on my old, soft edges.
I was wrong.

busty <span class=

It's wonderful that that tunic-y, empire waist, loose and easy style is popular this spring, isn't it? Wonderful if you don't end up looking like a 47 year old pregnant woman wearing it, that is. BUSTY MCPREGGERS.

I tried a couple of dresses too - just in case.

silky dress

This one looked pretty darn good on me.
But although it doesn't seem it here - the 43 patterns were a little distracting.

And this one?

ruffle dress

- is a delicious fabric that has been ruffled, buttoned, sashed and flounced within an inch of its life.
I actually made a honking sound in the dressing room when I saw myself in it.

So -
what did I buy?

body butter

Yummy Pacifica body butter.
Half price.


tut-tut said…
Well, I just saw a 60 year old woman on the Today show who gave birth to twins, so maybe that pregger look is now in.
Angela said…
Meredith wants to hang out with you. (And smell your body butter.) Of course, I'll have to join her (on the excursion, not the smelling)...
Anonymous said…
I can post, I can post!!!
Well, mediterranean fig body are indeed counting days, aren't you?
And I should add you'll be here in the peak of fig season, the ones I LOVE, nice and golden and sweet and tasty...YUM with Parma ham...
by the way, the display of my wreck was fantastic, thank you. Now you'll have to post the "after" or people will always think of me in a wreck!
BTW...still carrying away debris...and the temp is rising, right now 82F.
To all your lovely readers who commented: you are ALL welcome to come here!
Suse said…
God I LOVE that wedding blouse (and why not giftwrap your bosom?).

I am liking the Busty McPreggers top too and not just for the name.
Badger said…
Girl, you know Anthropologie is bad for you. Do we have to stage an intervention?

I don't think Paola realizes that her "before" pictures are better than most people's "after" pictures.

Present company excepted, of course.
Alice said…
Do love that shirt, I'll help you tie it.. but who am I kidding if you can't do it then who can?

Oh, and the body butter, good choice.

Dammit, why did I quit before the sale? I'll have to go online...
Paula said…
I think thats a Good Idea.;)
Anonymous said…
They all look fantastic. That body butter will go with any colour and fit in at any function, therefore, you made an excellent choice.
MizMell said…
Sounds like you explored all options and picked the best one.
Do you think we're all just pickier shoppers nowadays?
Priscilla said…
You could wear just the body butter to the wedding.

Never mind. It is rude to upstage the bride.
blackbird said…
'upstage' is sort of a different word from what I was thinking...

I've just heard it's kind of a hippie wedding and the bride is going to be barefoot.
Anonymous said…
I can't post.

what am I doing wrong?

anyway, I do love that Busty McPreggers blouse. I wore one just like it in 1976.
Doesn't that make it some sort of classic, that style?
like the 'little black dress'?

perish the thought.