There is just NOTHING better in the world than watching Ellen at 4:00.
Nearly NOTHING better than that.
And she is injured, you know, or maybe you don't, and did the show from a hospital bed for a few days and only on yesterday's show, after a week I guess, was she able to stand.
Of course she DID get hurt yesterday while trying to stop someone from standing on a table, but that's too complicated to go into here.
She dances at the beginning of each show, but, NOW THAT SHE IS HURT, she can't dance and so she's been choosing people from the audience to dance FOR HER.
Today's guy was great.
It's too bad I can't show you a clip of him, because I don't know how to do that.
And speaking of stuff I don't know how to do - or understand even, can I just say that this whole Twitter thing is making me a little crazy?
Because I'm saying it.
It's making me a little crazy.
People keep telling me they are my Twitter friends - which I'm sure is a very nice thing, but, may I say, I've turned down writing for a couple of different group blogs (and thank you for that - you, who know who you are, really, it was a lovely compliment) because I didn't want to devote more time to writing on line.
Now, with this Twitter thing, people are notifying other twits of each and every thing they do each DAY.
Now I'm pretty sure that my life isn't really any MORE interesting than it appears HERE. I'm not sure you want a blow by blow of my day....
So, Twits one and all, don't be offended if I don't add you to my friends or if I don't follow you, it's not about YOU, it's about me. Thanks though.

Don't forget - I'm not watching Survivor tonight as I will be attending Spring Concert 4B at the school of Youngest.
I'm going to watch as much Survivor as I can take on Sunday. In honor of Mother's Day.
Which I hate.

Here -
look at this great commercial Ellen showed me...


Unknown said…
Love Ellen too, but she's on at 10 am here, so I often sleep through her because I never sleep at night. I know, sad but true. Anyhow, I didn't see it today because I was at the Girls IEP meeting (ugh) but I have been watching bits and pieces with the hospital bed and then the hospital chairs, and so I'm glad she's finally standing. The first day with the hospital bed, well let us just say that those pain killers she had must have been REALLY good.

Milky the Cow was a bit TOO weird for me. Was this a toy marketed solely to rural kids in the 50's or what?

As for twitter, you're missing the point. Which maybe says you don't want to be on it. Which is OK. Nobody is forcing you or anything, right? But if you do, then the best way to be on it is to use your Gmail account, so you can post from there and not get driving nuts by your cell phone. Then, when you don't want to read every freaking post, you just close gmail, and all the posts are compiled together into an email that you can easily delete. No muss, no fuss.

Jobove - Reus said…
irreverent, iconoclastic e liberty

in Catalonia - Spain

Sarah Louise said…
I'll watch da commercial later. 4 pm? I'd never catch la Ellen! She's on at 10 am here in da Burgh. Love her love her love her! Caught a tiny bit on Tuesday.
Badger said…
I've never been so happy to be lactose intolerant.

Have not watched Ellen in months.

It's KILLING ME that you didn't watch Survivor tonight. KILLING ME DEAD.

I am Twitter-free and SHALL REMAIN SO.