what's your crime

Inspired by Alice, who was inspired by Jane magazine...

using brand name detergent

not washing my face before bed

not knowing who Donnie Darko IS

shutting down my iChat when I see a particular person come online


owning too many bags and yet still wanting more

speaking too loudly on the phone

being an awful parker, I don't know when I lost my parking skills

wearing comfortable shoes

constantly saying I KNOW during conversations

whining when not well

not exercising

drunken drafting

not reading

second guessing my gut

being completely intolerant of tiny things

not drinking water


Paula said…
I refuse to believe one can own or want too many bags.

Wait..you go to chat rooms?!

What do you chat about?
MsCellania said…
Oh, none of those things are crimes. They are LIFE.
And that parking thing. It's not you. It's the car. Some cars are impossible to park. They have one now that parks for you. I am not kidding.
Why am I making these choppy little sentences.
jenny said…
aw, wait a minute....drunken drafting?!

are we being gyped out of actual drunken posts?
Unknown said…
I'm with Jenny. Drunken Drafting? What the?

I drink enough water for both of us, so cross that off your list.

Who IS Donny Darko? Isn't that a movie?
Alice said…
apparently, I'll be near you in our jail cells, as we seem to have many crimes in common...

as for Donnie Darko, ask Oldest, he'll know, he may even own the movie...