thursday stress

My allergist called wanting to know why I have cancelled my appointment and haven't made a new one. I didn't have the heart to tell him I think he's an asshole.

The only shirts pressed are ones without pockets. K needs a pocket shirt.

The battery in the scooter has been drained. Inadvertently.

The glazier I chose to make the shelves for the bathroom is unavailable.

Someone hurt Youngest at school and he doesn't want to talk about it. (Hurt as in hit.)

A threat has been made to Middle's school. The administration is dealing with it but my boys will be home tomorrow. (The schools share a campus.)

I've just had one of those "I wish he was more motivated" phone calls from a teacher.

Why was the bottom of the jam jar sticky? What was lurking in the jam underneath it? Glass.
I keep bleeding through the bandage.


Anonymous said…
bb, very appropriate label and keep telling yourself tommorrow will be better. Sounds corny, but today sounds pretty bad so it it probably true. Hang in there.

Badger said…
School sucks.
Paula said…
You gave me flashbacks from when mine were in school.

Heres hoping tomorrow is a better day.
Sarah Louise said…
School related threats--not fun.

Yes, tomorrow will be better. If only because it will be FRIDAY!!
Jennifer said…
I don't know how I would handle my son not wanting to talk about something like that. I'm a HAVE to know kind of person.

Sounds like you've just had one of those days that you want to rewind.. one day we'll figure out how to do that ;)
kilowatthour said…
i assume the bleeding has stopped? i hope?
Anonymous said…
hoping that today is a better day for you bb.
Joke said…
Well, that was a day of manifest suckery.

MizMell said…
Hope youngest opens up.

Take a hot bath and practice lamaze breathing techniques...
Anonymous said…
What is going on in the schools over there?
And I am sorry about all this craziness syrrounding you's already tomorrow.
Any better?