Thinking Blogger Award

Margalit has bestowed upon me a Thinking Blogger Award.
She said all kinds of nice things about me.
And, for those of you who were around earlier this week when I was poorly treated in my own comments column, it couldn't come at a better time.
I considered shutting down this whole thing. For ABOUT TWO SECONDS.
But, back to the award.
Did you know my blog has never won an award?
Well, it hasn't.
So, I might just cry a little.
But what else is new?

NOW my job is to pay it forward, as it were -
to link to 5 blogs that I'd give a Thinking Blogger Award to...bloggers who MAKE ME THINK
(and I'm going to strive to name bloggers who haven't been named) and run the little badge thing and tell them to pay it forward too...

1. My Topography - I don't usually read blogs written by young mothers, I've been there and sleep issues and teething are things I don't wish to re-visit. But Christina helps me remember being young and wide eyed and what it's like to have your first house, your first baby and the day to day work of early marriage, and she does it in a lovely, honest, sincere way.

2. Pea Soup - Everyone knows I have a mad crush on Suse. And why shouldn't I? But the truth of it is, I aspire to be Suse. Erudite, funny, and charming, Suse can describe a bad afternoon and have it read like Shakespeare. But not even that makes me think - what makes me think is the fact that she is living her life totally differently...yes, she's got three boys and a husband, but that's where the similarity ends. Crafting, living a more thoughtful life, and raising her boys through an alternative school system are just some of the things that make me think when I read her. Every day.

3. First Person Third Cat - blah blah blah, I have posting diarrhea. I go on and on and on to make a point. I post dozens of photos. I can barely shut up. Not so Thirdcat. In four sentences she can make me think all the live long day. She's succinct. She's brilliant. She doesn't post often enough.

4. I don't suppose we'll hear from Emlyn Lewis when I tell him I'm giving him this award. He's got a brand new baby boy, his second. He's a little shell shocked right now, but let me tell you -
I read very few male bloggers and Emlyn has a knack for catching a moment, for expressing himself, for observing the world in ways that delight and awe me. I adore reading his thoughts on fatherhood, food and his neighbors.

5. Alice is in Connecticut. Alice is just a little older than Oldest. I have a weakness for Alice.
She too, can be spare with words. But I get her. And I feel maternal/friendly about her. She makes me think back to going to school and having a boyfriend - and that was a long time ago.
She also makes me think about being the mom of a twenty-something. It's possible that her mother is a pain in the ass. And I am too. So I relate.

I'm only allowed to give five awards - which is good because I'd list scores of people, who, I hope will get them from others...
Jess, whose struggles are so real they tear at my heart.
Tertia, who wears her heart, beautifully, on her sleeve.
Ali, an artist and exemplary mother.
Dozens more, really.

My confidence in what I have always felt was a warm and supportive community has been badly shaken.
I know who my attacker was now, as do the police (legally, it is aggravated harassment) and that helps me, but Margalit was wonderful to choose me for this, at this very moment.
I'm sure no one can realize what it means to me.


Badger said…
Wait a minute. Where was I when you were attacked in your comments?! When did this happen? Do I need to kick some ass for you? Because you know I WILL.
robiewankenobie said…
i can send ninjas.
Birchsprite said…
Oh no. I read your wonderful posts... but don't always have time for the comments too! What happened? I hope you are ok!
Paula said…
WHAT did I miss!?
Someone ATTACKED you!?

Anyway, congratulations on the award; you deserve it.

But attack? Not.
Suse said…
Someone was rude to you? Tell me who and I'll send Badger round.

Thank you for the award, I'm touched. And, you know, in love.

Not to mention feeling kind of maternal as it was ME who introduced you to thirdcat. I have such fabulous taste).
tut-tut said…
Attacked you?? Whatever for?

You deserve several awards. Thanks for the links to other blogs.
Sharon said…
You are the blog I read first every day. In my book, that's an award. You're like my morning cup of coffee, and I hope you stay around this mostly warm, supportive environment for a very long time.

And I hope whomever it was that attacked you trips and breaks both kneecaps.
irene said…
as the younger and living-in-Paris version of you, you know how much I look up to you and how much I rely on your advice when faced with uncomfortable, difficult situations.

I'm so sorry someone attacked you on your own blog (I can't believe I missed that).

I'm not good at kicking asses and I don't have any ninja in my purse right now, but my father once was the coach of the French national TaeKwonDo team and he's retired and so bored these days I'm sure he could help you.
Velma said…
I'm really sorry you had such a bad experience - whatever happened, it obviously shook you. However, I'm very glad you got nominated for that award, because you always have something interesting on here. I look forward to each post, really.
jenny said…
someone was mean in your comments?

the nerve.

i'm not much of a fighter but i carry hockey sticks in my car for this express purpose.
Sarah Louise said…
GAH! I missed the drama too. I'm with Suse on this one: send Badger around to knock them silly...

and VERY cool about the award. You totally deserve it. Day in, day out, you blog about thinking things. I still remember the post about you and Matt LeBlanc like it was yesterday. Oh, and the recent "church" ones--the really cool speaker and the laughter one: AMAZING.

You Rock the house!!
Mary said…
I've never commented before on your blog, but I've enjoyed reading it for some time. It's always a pleasure to come to your blog and read your witty, entertaining and heartfelt posts. You most definitely deserved a nomination for a "thinking blog".

I'm sorry to hear that you've recently had such an awful experience on your blog. I hope that you'll soon be able to recapture the feeling of community that existed before for you.

Thanks for providing such a fun interlude in my day!
Alice said…
Umm, you know you just totally made my day right? Oh, and I seriously love you in a daughter/friendly way, checking my comments is always a bit more exciting if you've had something to say...

About that attacker, I've got a posse, if needed just holler.
RW said…
I am saddened to hear of your unpleasant experience. I echo Sharon, you are the first blog I read in the morning. I would have missed you. I am glad you decided to stay.
oooh noo... what? when?

And thank you for the mention. I'll mention some others on my blog tonight. It was so good to come here and get thuroughly caught up and find a whole list of fabulous links to new blogs.

KPB said…
someone was mean to you? On your own blog? Sheesh. You are part of my daily tonic and my world would not be complete without its Blackbird fix. You might not have won awards, but you are loved.
--erica said…
bb!! YUK..I don't check in for a few days and the whole world goes wacky.

Well.. if I posse is formed.. someone sign me up! :)
Susie Sunshine said…
Having been inhaling paint fumes and boy vapors for the past week, I'm having a serious WTF moment. However, I'm in one of my moods and don't even need details, just give me the IP from your stat counter and I'm on it.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheaply Yours,

ThirdCat said…
What a lovely thing to return to after my extended Easter break. Thank you. And just when I needed a bit of a blogging boost. You are right, I don't post often enough.

Also, if people are being mean, I could send my youngest boy around. He will talk at a particular pitch and unceasingly for hours. It works.