things for spring, updated

I'm still combing through the style supplement from last Sunday's paper, but I thought I'd share some of the spring inspiration that, uh, inspired me...

Blue! I want my toenails to be blue -

photo by <span class=

and blue they shall be. I've already been to Sephora.

I got my hair cut a little differently yesterday and I have my crazy-person bangs back again, but the rest of my head is sort of bobbish.

But back to the Style section!

Apparently Orlando Pita is the most famous hair stylist in the whole wide world.
And he says platinum hair is the way to go right now. The look of the spring!


hair spray

So, yeah, and he wants us to use thirty two dollar hair spray.

Christiaan Houtenbos:

hair guy

is another incredibly important hair guy. And he wears orange underpants everyday.
Bravo Christiaan.
I need some underpants and I may just go buy some orange ones. And add an additional A to my name. Blaackbird.

You can just tell this lady is French, can't you?

la <span class=

She's 'the nose' at Bon Marche. I adore Bon Marche. K wept over ham at Bon Marche.
But BACK TO THE NOSE. What is she recommending for spring? Dirty scents.

dirty scents

Which is to say: scents that are reminiscent of sheets and sex and dirt and sweat and - hey, where AM I going with this? I think the rose one sounds best, for me. And I cannot do the descriptions justice - so go read them.

Finally, wouldn't it JUST FIGURE that I was caressing a tin of this

<span class=

just last week and didn't buy it, only to find out that a hero of mine SWEARS by it?
Kitty Carlisle Hart, who is 96 but only looks 76, uses Nivea cream EVERY DAY.
Once again, I cannot possibly paraphrase someone as delightful as Ms. Hart and so
you MUST read that too...

Oh me, oh my, Ms. Hart has just, this afternoon, died. A great lady of style has passed.

So there you have it.
My ears are ringing, my house is disheveled, and I've got a nice piece of spinach pie waiting for me.

I'll see you later.


Badger said…
Well. You know.

I was doing blue toenails last year and I like them very much. Especially if they're sparkly.

LOVE the platinum color AND cut although my hair would never do that but the silver shadow on top and gold underneath? With the chapped lips? No.

No comment on the orange underpaants.

Or the Bon Marche.

I wear dirty perfume ALL THE TIME. My favorite is Aroma M Geisha Noire. SEX IN A BOTTLE.

I have that Nivea cream and I HATE the way it smells.
Anonymous said…
I always use blue varnish! And guess what. I can't find it here so I have to stock up when I travel to NY, wher eI can also fidn my beloved yellow, green and funny looking colours...yes, I am one of "those" colour gals.
I also go through tons of Nivea...hmmm...will that make me see my 90s????
Alice said…
It's probably not the same if you just smell like real sex and dirt and sweat, huh?
No, you must shower, get clean and THEN put on the expensive perfume.
Funny, how this works, eh?
Susie Sunshine said…
There's a giant tub of Nivea next to my bed: dirty or old ladyish?
tut-tut said…
Kitty Carlisle Hart died? Are you sure? Do you remember What's My Line??

Nivea Cream--who didn't have it? Where can I get it now??

Too many questions.
MsCellania said…
Well cue the eerie music.
You post about her and she passes...
I cannot stand the way Nivea smells! Lots of people wear it here (you know, being the desert and all), and I will literally jump off an elevator if someone smells of it. I'm not too keen on Noxema, either.
But had Kitty Carlisle gotten in, I would have not even noticed. What a Class Act.
MsCellania said…
And may I just say that blue polish and 50+ year old fingers and toes? NOT a good idea. So I'm sticking with red. Besides, I wore blue and green polish in the 70's. And you know what They Say - you wore it in your flaming youth, don't wear it in your flaming oldth.
Unknown said…
Blue toes ... kind of corpselike, I think. But I have the most hideous toes on the planet and I never show them in public so there's no need to polish them anyway.

I love the platinum, but not on me. I'm going to a snotty salon in snotty Carmel-by-the-Sea on Friday for a cut because right now I look like I did in the 70s, a la wings ...

I approve of the orange undies, not that you need my approval: I ran out of underwear one day last week, due to my total loathing of anything domestic right now, and I borrowed my husband's tighty whiteies. My son said that when I bent over while at Blockbuster, "EVEYONE CAN SEE THEM!"
Unknown said…
oops. make that whities. I got my drink on.

Speaking of, everyone needs to see this:
Suse said…
I bought new underwear yesterday. But not orange, sadly. Midnight blue, just like the colour of your french lady's top and skirt (which I adore by the way).
Anonymous said…
I just got in from Chicago, poured a glass of wine and sat down here to click through my must reads before bed. And then you hit me with the news of Kitty's passing.
I am verklempt. Truly.
Sharon said…
I had blue toes for about 4 years straight. (Different shades for different moods, always blue.) I needed a break, so now I'm plain. But I miss my blue toes.
Unknown said…
Blue toenails around here are so last year. We did them all last summer in a variety of blues. This year, I just got the most amazing shade of almost black blood red polish that is outstanding on the toes. It is so sexy.

I JUST passed a perfumer/beauty store today that sold Diptique. I didn't know to stop in and try the parfume. Now I know better!

But I have to say, don't the French already smell a bit 'musty' without expensive scents?

Love Kitty too. Very sad to hear of her passing. She was regal.
Anonymous said…
ok- when do we get to see your great hair cut!?
I wish I was brave enough to go that sort with bangs!
Anonymous said…
a couple of weeks ago I bought a Nivea cream not to use it but because the smell reminds me of my mom who also swore by it. I put it on my boys now and cuddle with them. somehow, it makes me feel safe. it makes me feel happy.