I've just realized that Dreamz is starting to aggravate me.
I used to think he was a sweet, young, starry eyed optimist, and now I think he's just dumb.
Anyway, thank GOD for the recap because without it, and Badger, I'd just be fuct.

It's all coming back to me...Edgarrrdo is now on the jury after countless plot twists.
Mookie and Alex are angry that Dreamz has betrayed them and Stacy looks like Satan in the moonlight. (Mom says it's the "night vision goggle glasses things, because she's all technical like that.)
Earl is convinced that all is well...

It's day 28 (wasn't it last week too?) and Mookie and Alex are sitting around brooding. They are discussing Dreamz when he approaches them and tries to defend himself. And, in a moment that just twists the knife for me, he lies. He just flat out lies, and not terribly well about his motivations at the vote. I think he needs to go home. I'm not convinced he can play this well as the team dwindles and more and more strategy is required.

The first challenge is at low tide - there are two teams and one member shoots balls (with cool kite-tail things) in giant sling shots as the rest of the team stands in mud trying to catch them in nets.
The reward is MONDO PRODUCT PLACEMENT including a spa visit wherein the winning team will wash with a particular product.
The challenge itself turned into Stacy and Yau shooting balls to Dreamz and mostly Boo and Alex and nearly got boring...UNTIL Boo got hurt and was writhing around on his hands and knees. He said it was his knee and that it popped and I know that's a pretty fierce injury. But Boo stood up, his knee made a loud and awful noise, and he was okay. It was quite a moment.
The team of Dreamz, Earl, Alex and Stacy win and they send Boo to Exile.

The spa had a lovely slate shower and lots of close-ups of body wash.
Alex talks himself up to the team and tells us he's not going without a fight. We all know he's going, though - and so does his little team of freshly washed winners.

On day 29 they return to the beach. Mookie doesn't want to hear about the reward. Alex talks to Mookie and they decide to go through Yaus things to see if he has the idol. Even though, on the one hand, I can see how all's fair in this kind of game, going through people's personal belongings just seems to cross a line, yes? It's okay, don't answer - I'll be validated when everyone else finds out.
They find the idol and go off to squeal about it like little girls...but Cassandra and Stacy are just within earshot and hear them - and then Alex and Mookie realize that they have been heard.
But they have a big manly plan to confront Yau. To blackmail him. WHICH I CANNOT SEE THE POINT OF, and, happily, while Yau is a taken aback, he isn't very impressed or afraid.
The two of them look like a couple of stooges and the whole scenario reeks. Yau tells them to do what they want.

Hey, where does the pee go in an airplane? We discussed this, me and mom, during the commercial, and she says they empty it into a big truck - but have you ever seen that truck?

Back on track -
Yau tells Stacy and Cassandra and Earl that Alex and Mookie have gone through his things.
They are appalled and feel terrible about it. But there's no time to think about it because there is a challenge. A challenge which I can't really describe, so just think Battleship With Fire.
I'm hoping you are following me here.
Stacy wins it with brains and looks pretty nice in the immunity necklace.

At this point it all turns into vote talk. We all know that Mookie and Alex are screwed, but there are all different ways to screw them. And they swear they are going down swinging.
We'll see.
The rest of the team discuss a plan involving three votes for Mookie and three for Alex, thereby creating a tie. (I'm not sure why this would be significant - or, I was last night, but today not so much.)

At tribal, Alex talks about 'finding' the idol and Jeff is pretty pissed.
Alex ends up voting for Mookie!
And Mookie goes, while Yau sits pretty.

I have new respect for Boo, who has kept his head very low and Stacy, who is pretty damn smart. They could easily take this thing. Yau is clearly the favorite in the Miss Congeniality division.

It's almost over you know...the last episode is in the middle of May.


Cheat to Win said…
As always, I look forward to reading your synopsis after every episode, and I'm so glad someone's finally on my side. Dreamz is an absolute moron, and I've been saying it since DAY 1.

Earl is getting to be a bit too cocky, and I think the words he had for Boo (who had just thrown his knee back into socket in the middle of a challenge and CONTINUED TO PLAY) when they exiled him were superfluous, heartless, and unnecessary. Other players have given up the game for lesser injuries, and Boo just kept on playing. Earl was a little too Boston Rob right there, and it wasn't necessary in the slightest.

I still think he's going to win. And I still love Boo. And I can't wait for Alex to go home next week.

As for the next show, you seem a little confused, hon. The new season starts in the fall like every other year and IS happening in China. What you're thinking of is Burnett's new show Pirate Master, which is basically just another season of Pearl Islands, except even MORE pirate crap. That starts in May.
blackbird said…
Yep - You are right, Jake...
I am totally confused about the Survivor/Pirate show -
gotta go do some research!
Badger said…
I hate Alex so much, but I have to admit it was really smart of him to vote for Mookie. If only Mookie had been smart enough to vote for Alex.

I am liking Boo, too. I'm not sure how/when that happened.
Anonymous said…
Oo Oo Oo, I can answer the pee on the plane question. My husband was/is in the military (now the reserves) and one of his more illustrious chores as a private was driving the "waste" truck and emptying the toilets. He seemed to think it not such a big deal... I have never seen the truck either but I know it exists! Cheers, and thanks for the update. Neesja