A much better episode. Redeeming even.

It's night 24 and half the team returns and announces that they have voted Michelle off (right Badger?). There's lots of whispering and, to tell you the truth, I cant' really remember why this is bad, but I know that Dreamz is looking more and more like Jar Jar Binks in this thing...few of you will really comprehend that reference, but, take my word for it, IT IS STERLING.

Mookie and Alex have a little argument over the idol, and Mookie accuses Dreamz of endangering the alliance they have set up by voting Michelle off. It turns out that Michelle irritated Dreamz at Tribal and he lost his mind for a minute - and some of us know that that is how the Republic is undone.

In the morning Earl tells us that 'his script has been flipped.' He wasn't prepared to have to deal with Stacy. Boo is in a bad mood too - and Earl continues to feel that he is running the show.

The first challenge was that one where the team answer questions (privately) about each other and then come back and choose what they think the majority of people answered to each, who smells the worst, who would you like to never meet again, who is the most annoying - you answer these questions on a piece of survivor paper and then hand in the answers to Jeff. The answers are tallied and then, as a group, the team is asked who the TEAM thinks is the smelliest etc....
Turns out they can't stand Stacy and everyone thinks Yau is wonderful.
So while I'm surprised about the Stacy part (she isn't edited that way, I don't think) the Yau part is what we expected.
The winner gets to spend the night on a 70 foot yacht - with all the luxuries that I suppose yachts have.
Sometime during this challenge Dreamz becomes Dre, and I have to point out (though I've been meaning to ask for weeks) what is up with that weird tank top thing that Alex is wearing?
Cassandra wins and sends Mookie to Exile Island. She must decide who goes with her on the boat after she goes back to camp.
She chooses Dreamz, Boo and Yau - this seems like a good strategy to us.
They have cocktails and Yau works on 'brainwashing' Dreamz, who looks a little confused.
And this is where the game gets dicey.
I'm not even sure I can/did keep up - we may need Badger...

The next morning, Earl tells us that he isn't sure about Dreamz.
Dreamz tells Cassandra and Earl that Mookie has the idol.
Yau overhears this.
(Has no one found the fake idol? We don't think so.)

It's time for the immunity challenge, and it's an endurance contest, and Yau wins.
(Can Yau go the distance and win this whole thing?)

Mookie is pissed and wants to chip away at Cassandra's alliance - that would mean voting off Yau and Boo.
Yau tells Stacy to vote for Alex.
Alex tells Stacy to vote for Earl.
Edgarrrrdo tells Alex not to trust Stacy.
Mookie passes the idol to Alex but Dreamz sees him do it.
Dreamz tells the others what he saw.
They decided to vote for Mookie.
But after Dreamz walks away, Stacy says they should surprise everyone and vote for Edgardo.
Dreamz talks to Alex and tells him to vote for Cassandra.
At this point no one knows what's going on.

At the vote, Alex plays the idol - and doesn't need to...
Cassandra gets three votes,
Mookie gets one vote,
Edgardo gets five -
Who IS running the show?


jenny said…
The look on Alex's face? One of the top tribal council moments ever.

And next week, when they rifle through everyone's belongings looking for the idol? I'm already mad.
Jennifer said…
It was priceless that's for sure! And good to know that the idol will be re-hidden! Love this show!!
Badger said…
Don't look at me, man. I am all confused.

I do know, however, that the Edgardo thing was GENIUS. I mean, I liked him just fine and all, but the degree to which that screwed Alex over was a beautiful thing.
RW said…
Again, thanks for the recap. We are in the midst of NHL playoffs and it was a BIG GAME last night therefore we of the one TV household had to make a decision. We watched the game which we LOST - sigh - and caught the tribal council and vote.

Yeah for Yau Man!
Tuesday said…
aaackkk..what a NIGHT! LOL!! I was sad to see go :/. But, it was pretty darn ingenious!

Dreamz and the Jar Jar Binks reference...PERFECTION. I have never had my mouth dropped for such long periods of time as last night! And the Jury's faces! PRICELESS!

So, DH thinks it would be HYSTERICAL if Alex or Mookie steals Yau's immunity idol, one of them win immunity at the challenge, the other plays the idol when it's time to vote. I'd hate to see them steal it, but come on, that would be GREAT television ;)

Can hardly wait until then! :P
--erica said…
of course something good happens... and we missed this one.
Cheat to Win said…
It was an amazing episode, and I need to rewatch, but I wasn't really confused keeping up with it. What part did you have a problem with?

Also, you can't steal an idol from someone. If someone finds the idol, it's there's to play. They can give it away, but no one can forcefully take it from them and then use it themselves.

Still love Boo. And still going with my first episode prediction of Earl winning the whole thing.
Anonymous said…
That was one of the best episodes EVER. I think Yau, in his wisdom, is running the show but he doesn't know it, or something like that!
Sarah Louise said…
I'm not a fan, but Marian (the Librarian)'s ex-husband said this was the best tribal council EVER. For two seconds that made me want to ask Marian if she Tivo'd it.