Survivor, corrected*

To refresh your memory: Lisi is o-u-t.
Actually, she's on the lame-o jury with Rocky, but we'll deal with that in a few weeks when the jury become important to the game. It's interesting to me that people can strategize and work and manipulate for weeks but can't think ahead enough to avoid putting wackos on the jury.

Ten players are left, it is day 22.

Mookie has the idol and he pledges to support Edgardo and Alex. But he still isn't telling Dreamz because he thinks the teams may merge and that Dreamz won't be loyal to them. And I am telling you now that this will bite him in the ass.

Moto get mail and Cassandra reads it and tells them they have to get their personal items and take the boat to Exile Island...

Ravu get the same news and Edgardo hopes for a merge - they are the 'four horsemen.'

Everyone paddles off to Exile Island where there are suddenly no snakes and exchange happy greetings at the beach. They are SO happy to see each other - I don't get the whole 'let's celebrate the merge' thing, but no one's asking me how to do it, so...
They climb to the top of the tree house and find new buffs and instructions to return to the Moto beach.
And what will the Moto luxury camp have now we wonder - carpeting? a jacuzzi?
It turns out that the Moto beach has nothing. It has been completely stripped of all amenities save for some pots, fishing gear and a flint.
Some are bummed, but Earl doesn't seem to mind.
They make a new team name: Bula Bula and don their purple buffs.
Stacy and Michele make a flag while people start figuring out who their friends are and who is likely to go.
Boo takes a back seat, Mookie is working a few people, and during this, tells Dreamz that he has the idol. Understandably, Dreamz is upset at this betrayal.

I could say a lot about the way that Dreamz is treated in this game. I'm going to hold back a little, but I do want to point out that from the very beginning Dreamz has been treated like a second class citizen. He was looked down upon by members of Moto and to assume that he would immediately turn to Cassandra after a merge may be a completely misguided notion.
I know he shut Lisi down last week - and he did a good job of it, but his teammates made a mistake by keeping a secret from him. Dreamz seems like such a genuine person that it seems a shame when he is slighted...

The boys go fishing and talk about who will be voted off first - it comes down to Stacy or Boo.

I am easily confused by all the talk of alliances and how they could play out.
I need some kind of Venn diagram or a chart: I can't follow it all.
The posturing and manipulation goes on for about 10 minutes and I am SO bored with it.

FINALLY there is a challenge. And this messes me, and them, up even more.
Jeff splits them into teams.
So, they've just merged, but for this puzzle and paddle race they are put on teams.
It's a fairly good challenge and I was fairly excited by it. What's more exciting is that Yau wins it for his team.
They get a steak and veg feast and the losers: Dreamz, Michele, Stacy and two other guys (I'm too exhausted to figure it out) go DIRECTLY TO TRIBAL.
They vote Michele off and I have no freakin clue what that means to the lines of alliance.
I have not kept track of who will be hurt by this, all I know is that someone is going to be pissed. And I liked Michele, I liked the way she played. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN STACY WHO IS MEH.

*Thanks to Badger, who, once again, has proven she is smarter. Or a better viewer of stupid television - it's hard to say.


Badger said…
No, dude, they voted MICHELE off! Michele, whom we all liked! Stacy sucks! She was supposed to go! And Dreamz is the one who caused this to happen. He voted with his alliance even after they screwed him.


I HATED this episode.
abrowncow said…
i LOVED the immunity mix up! how cool is that? separate them randomly and then force half of them to vote someone off willy nilly! awesome twist! i can only hope that at some point this forces mookie to use the idol so he can be booted at a later date. and dumping michele was dumb... she had such great voluminous (?) hair!

didn't they spread the word to others that it was boo then stacy? so by not voting stacy they're proving themselves lying cheating backstabbing survivors, no?
jenny said…
okay, badger already got to you - but now it was Mookie that stuck with the original group (with Earl & Michelle) and Dreamz that, possibly unwittingly, screwed it all up. And next week Dreamz tells Cassandra about the idol.

oy, the drama.

He said something else last night that was so honest and totally to the point that I had to laugh. I kind of like him too.
Cheat to Win said…
It's actually spelled Michelle. And her leaving hurts Earl, Cassandra, and Yau, but not for long.

And her hair was voluminous because she had dread-locks.

Stacy really isn't as bad as people think she is, and Dreamz is really benefitting from a positive edit. He was pretty insufferable at the beginning, I could understand some of the animosity towards him. That said, the Four Horseman screwed up last night.

And Boo will sail through the next few weeks as easily as Earl and Yau.
blackbird said…
Duly noted Jake -

and I KNEW that about the dreads...
Cheat to Win said…
Haha, I'm sure you did BB, I was responding to the BrownCow posting.

I really liked Michelle. If she had lasted longer on the show, I think she could have approached Colleen levels of appeal.

That said, this season is really starting to pick up. Can't wait to see Dre get his comeuppance. And I'll always love Boo.
Badger said…
As re: your postscript, it's the stupid television thing. The only person I claim to be smarter than is the one responsible for writing the worksheet instructions at my kids' school.