This is the Lisi episode, I'm afraid.
We are just going to have to watch her and cringe.

Yau has the idol, and I missed it somehow, but there is another one on the Ravu beach.
Yau has also made and hidden his decoy idol - which no one at Moto seems particularly interested in finding.

And you remember what happened last week?
A remote arcade...paying the price for over-eating..."an injury laden immunity challenge?"
Rocky is now on the jury.

Alex and Mookie and Edgardo discuss where the idol is. They have some information from Lisi and they start digging while Lisi and Dreamz are sleeping.
And they find it. And although Lisi has given them the details they needed to find it, they decide they aren't going to tell her. Lisi even wakes up and asks if they are digging for it and they say yes, but she has no clue, and does some digging herself. Mookie even helps her.

Day 20 find Moto getting mail and hearing that they are going to have to learn a traditional Fijian dance which they will perform in competition.
Earl is all over this assignment.
At Ravu, it would appear, that Boo is not as gifted in the dancing department.
The other Ravus look pretty good, but Lisi isn't very serious about this challenge and Dreamz tells us that she is going to be the next to go.

Majestic music rises over the landscape and the teams enter a set of a Fijian village complete with natives. Both teams are dressed and made up for the dance and will be judged by an esteemed panel on their appearance, authenticity and spirit - as well as the dance itself.
The winners will feast with the villagers.
Moto dance first.
Earl rocks.
Ravu look okay.
But they just don't have the passion.
The judges are very serious and say that both tribes look good and have the spirit of the thing but that Moto win.
Moto send Lisi to Exile Island, and have their feast...Lisi stands in the dark, in a thunderstorm and tells us that she has had enough and feels like quitting.
(And we all know that any talk of quitting is a no-no.)

The next morning, Earl and Michele have a chat about strategy. She is his little spy, he tells us.

At Ravu, Dreamz is confident, but Edgardo feels that Dreamz may be a threat after a merge as he will side with Cassandra instead of with the Ravus. And the Ravus are dwindling.

But it's time for a challenge and Edgarrrrrrdo tells us that this is his time to shine.
The teams blow darts, throw spears and shoot bows and arrows in a competition that would appear to be boring - but isn't.
And who is the surprise? Yau Man, who shoots, aims, plans and wins it for Moto.

We are pacing the room by this time, figuratively of course.
Lisi bitches at the camera that she is surrounded by losers, says that they will always be losers and that she is DONE.
But before she rolls over, she makes one last stab at Dreamz and tries to convince the team to vote him off.
By the time they get to Tribal she is wavering.
Dreamz, who is not especially articulate, succeeds in cutting her down - AND SHE GOES.
Sadly, it is to the jury - but AT LEAST I WON'T HAVE TO LISTEN TO HER ANYMORE.


Badger said…
Dude, Boo is on MOTO. Not Ravu. I can make you a little chart or something if you want.

Lisi totally sucks as a person. I can't believe she went on and on about how the OTHER guys suck at challenges, when she has been stinking up the place since DAY ONE.


I hate that she and Rocky are on the jury.
blackbird said…
I knew that about Boo - I just lost my mind for a minute.
RW said…
I had forgotten you are the master of the recap - how thankful we are.

About half way into the second hour of our very long service my holy child turns and says to me - you know - we are missing Survivor?

It is all about the choices. We chose God Thursday night but we still want to know what happened... and I am so very happy that Lisi is gone.
jenny said…
I loved how Dreamz just shut her down with the "I'm ready to vote" thing.


As Edgarrrrdo might say.

Yau Man was our hero.