small miracles

There have been snow flurries.
I'm anxious to put away the winter things and these little snows depress me. And I LIKE winter.
Never mind.
Middle went with me to Whole Foods!
To keep me company.
He took pictures.


And he told me something really funny about the asparagus. But I've forgotten what it was.

We spied these great bags. They are made from old Whole Foods banners. Very heavy reinforced vinyl. I've been looking at those bags made from old sails and truck canvases, but these were only $16.00. I couldn't resist.

<span class=

This one seemed the best recycled design - the others had beer pictures, a man's face and roses. Though the one with roses was very pretty...


In a quiet Middle voice: heh, look mom, they've got binoculars.

banana storage bags

Or, you could just use condoms...

private stock

Oooooh. PRIVATE STOCK. Hands off!

cotton candy

Yeah, I thought about it for a minute. And then, the idea of maple syrup cotton candy kind of seemed weird, so - no.


(In an even softer voice) Check it out, mom...what's she doing with an entire cart full of spinach?

This intrigued him until we got outside.

cesspool service

Oh. I'm so glad they're here.

He's definitely got a Steven Wright thing going on, Middle does, but with even more subtlety, if that's possible.

Back at home, I rewarded him with lemon sorbetto. He's not into sweets, but lemon stuff is a treat...and THIS sorbetto was levitating.

<span class=

And, to ensure that no one else enjoys any of HIS sorbetto...

so no one eats it

On other fronts:

Youngest's vacation to-do list is nearly complete.

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We had some DARN GOOD casa-dillas the other night.
We've been to Ikea (he's planning a new bedroom).
Those flour tortilla chips? Meh. (Middle says they taste like crackers.)
He IS totally awesome and went with me to the movies (Meet The Robinsons, which, after a short nap, turned out to be a pretty okay movie and delighted me by being the work of William Joyce.)
World domination can only be moments away. That and trying a new dinner.

We are having Easter alone.
The five of us.
And we are very excited about it -
it's the first time we've ever had a holiday, alone, in our own house.


BabelBabe said…
Paula said…
Wilted spinach salad for 14?

Enjoy your holiday together.
blackbird said…
My brother L says:

Hey, nice bag - lemme go through my garbage, I'll make you a garment bag to match.
Alice said…
Who knew Whole Foods could be that entertaining...

oh, and she must have been cooking for rabbits.
Badger said…
Hey! My WF does not have cotton candy! If it did, I might shop there more often.

If you lick it, it's yours. That's the law.
tut-tut said…
That Middle . . . so beguiling!

I hadn't thought about Steven Wright for years; does Middle have that dead-pan voice too (no Boston accent, though)?
Unknown said…
For the true flour tortilla chip experience (you know, before the World Domination happens) you must makes nachos mole. (No, that's not nachos with a rodent topping.)

Throw chips on a dish, pour over warmed enchilada sauce (canned is fine--we're snobs so we make our own) and top with shredded cheddar. Place in oven or microwave to melt cheese. We like to throw a little finely chopped onion on top, but without is good too.
I LOOOVED this post. Loved looking through the lens of Middle, who is entirely funny. I laughed out loud at the cesspool truck and the spinach cart.

happy easter!
Beth Bailey said…
You like winter…but not polar fleece? I still don’t get it. I totally dig you...but the lack of love for the fleece...bummer.
Very jealous that you have access to Whole Foods.
I just love great markets.
I have access to a great market this week on vacation that I am on right now…a Fresh Market.
Wanted you to know that I wore a polar fleece today on a beach.
Sarah Louise said…
Sounds like a fun trip to the grocery store.