I got a lot of catalogues today.
It's a shame, really, because I HAVE NO BUDGET FOR SHOPPING.
No budget, but many questions and comments -

First of all, these sconces,


are HUGE.
Now, I know what you are thinking: huge? sconces? how could they be?
Trust me.
They are.
And they have to sit on either side of my BIG GIANT MIRROR.

And speaking of things to hang on the wall: HELLO. SUNDANCE?


These ARE very nice old tools -
but $500 for the pair?
I've got 'em in the garage.

Just beyond my garage there is patio, which will be under construction for the next few years, which is why I don't mind the fact that outdoor furniture costs more than INDOOR FURNITURE.

<span class=

Nice. Set.

gathering table

I like this one too - and it calls to mind my yard, WHICH IS ALL DIRT. NO GRASS.
And so, I wonder, why do we try to make grass every year instead of just EMBRACING the dirt?

But enough with the home furnishings.

Do you find this ironic?

thrift shorts

These are the "Thrift Shorts" from Patagonia.
Now, don't get me wrong - I love Patagonia stuff. I'm pretty sure I've paid for at least one of their employees 401K's what with the outerwear purchases I've made over the years. And I am totally behind them as a manufacturer of good conscience - they don't over produce (which can be a pain) and they are mindful of their impact.
It's just that I find it somewhat laughable that these $58 dollar, old-man-looking shorts are labeled 'thrift.'
I've got a great thrift shop and I'm pretty sure their shorts are $7.


scary tops

Boston Proper supplies the wardrobe for that Housewives of Orange County show.


L.E. bathing suits

I would LOVE to buy a Lands' End bathing suit.
In fact, several times, while on vacation, I have complimented strangers on their bathing suits and many times have been told they were from LE.
But you know what?

land's end

It's too much for me. I can't ever figure out what I need or want and, on the rare occasion that I do figure it out, it only comes with foam cups AND I CANNOT TAKE THE FOAM CUPS.
And, after all the deciphering, it's only mail order, which means it could look crappy when it arrives.

So, in the end, it turns out to be a good thing that I have no budget for shopping.


Eliane said…
Did I show you this catalogue before?
I used to get the paper catalogue when we lived in Germany, lovely lovely. I'd sometimes even buy something
BabelBabe said…
i ordered sconces for our dining room online once, and when they came, they were gigantic. waaayyyy bigger than the advertised 14"

it's a sconce conspiracy.

the bathing suit thing? buy a few, then just return the ones that don't work - i love land's end bathing suits, and i will bet you could totally rock the tankini look they do.
Anonymous said…
I love your take on the world. I agree lets just embrace the dirt, I just can't understand this "my grass is greener than yours" mentality. I was at a "thrift" store with my son in Montgomery, Alabama, he must have been around 10 or so at the time, he had picked up this rusty old band saw he really wanted (don't ask why) he thought it was $4.00 after looking at the price tag twice I realized that it was actually $400.00, we put it back.
Sarah Louise said…
haha about the thrift shorts.

and I didn't like any of the Land's End suits this year. It's the only place I get mine, as I am long torsoed.

window shopping via catalogs is fun...

Angela said…
I do like the fact that LE will let you "Shop by Anxiety Zones". Of course, my Anxiety Zones reach far beyond the fit of my swimsuit. Is there a page in the catalog filled with helpful hints on how to survive Easter with both sets of parents? Is my mother-in-law's picture provided in the Anxiety Zone table of contents?
Anonymous said…
Humph, once you start looking for something specific, like underwire, there don't seem to be so many bathing suits after all at land's end.
Anonymous said…
I also hate the foam cups. It is a swimsuit made of stretchy stuff! You do not need the foam cups. Just grab the girls and prop them up in the stretchy suit. No one's boobs fit into those stupid foam cups.
Velma said…
I, too, am a fan of the LE. If you want to try some of them on, just scoot on over to your nearest Sears, which will probably have at least the "regular" fit suits for sale. Then, if you find the fit you like, you can order several styles from the catalog and return some or all of them at the store.
MizMell said…
"Embrace the dirt." I like your thinking...
scarlettm said…
I second the LE Sears comment - but - and this is a big BUT - my local Sears limits one to four bathing suit items in the dressing room. Who can possibly buy a bathing suit when allowed to try only four on at a time? I discussed the policy with the salesperson, who relented, but showed her scorn (and made me promise to return the items to their place on the racks)!