a real live update

The sink is here. But with K working like a mad man (remind me how great that was when he is unemployed later this year) it is hooked up but not usable. LEAKS.
The Toonte light fixture is on its way and there are dozens of flaws in the room that only K and I can see.
Last weekend we had a dinner party and led tours through the five by seven room and it was very well received by both the Belgians and the former owners of the house (who do not easily accept our renovating THEIR HOME).
We seem to be showering perfectly well without a curtain or glass door (HATE GLASS DOORS) and if anything is needed in the future, I would opt for the Until Dawn curtain with a clear shower curtain behind it. It's Tyvek. We are ALL OVER Tyvek. In the bathroom, yes.
Easter was just too damn adorable - Middle had TWO superb solos on sax at church, Youngest hid our eggs and WE ALL found them, Oldest was home long enough to TOTALLY entertain and amuse and then left just in time, and we hijacked a family who were missing family for dinner, which, though it featured boiled ham, was really a pot-luck and WONDERFUL.
Aren't I effusive?Yes.
K is hoping for a day off sometime soon so that we may have some time alone together, but it's been postponed twice and I'm not hopeful.
Spring is trying to break through, here in Tuvalu, and, for the first time ever, I'm looking forward to it...to wearing skirts without leggings, to not wearing a scarf all the time, to raking the front lawn.
While waiting for K's train the other night I had the unexpected pleasure of stumbling upon the Writer's Almanac. Try to catch it, if you can - it's like a little moment of sanity.
I'm contemplating a pair of Bensimon sneakers for the summer. Or, I may make my own Converse low tops. I'm not sure yet. I just keep thinking of climbing up and down stairs in Positano (and I HAVE to stop doing that: I don't like to wish time away) and deliberating my choices in footwear.
Much of K's family have just returned from Amsterdam. It's Sodom and Gomorrah, said his mother, who had visited 25 years ago and was less surprised I suppose.
K's brother had wished Oldest had joined them, and while I know that Oldest would have loved it, it never occurred to me to arrange it, but it was interesting to think of Oldest and his relationship with his Uncles, who have seen him as an adult for a long time.
It's funny how parents don't see their kids as grown up, isn't it? Perhaps not.
I'm returning to the allergist on Friday. A member of his staff phoned last month to say that I had agreed to come back BEFORE my spring allergies sprung. And I was enthusiastic about that last fall, but I am less so this spring. I don't want to be medicated for months (on the one hand) but was hoping he'd put me on Singulair (on the other).
My children are well and good.
My house is coming along.
Spring is trying.
I should be more excited than I am.


savvycityfarmer said…
Me, too.. with a forecast of snow tomorrow..I'm NOT
tut-tut said…
Writer's Almanac is always good.

What are Bensimons??

Life goes on . . .
Paula said…
You sound like you're sitting in the Waiting For The Other Shoe to Drop waitingroom with me.

Sometimes its hard to just eat up the good things and not worry about the stuff swirling around on the sidelines.

blackbird said…
Paula is right -
I'm going to start eating up the good things and try to stop worrying...

she's a genius, that Paula.
Geggie said…
I love that shower curtain. Wish I had a need for one.

Check out Keen shoes. www.keenfootwear.com I love their shoes so much...I have about six pairs now. The Seattle mary janes, Waimea flips and my faves...the Sofia ballet flats.

And Amsterdam is great! I was there for two weeks by myself a few years ago. Oldest should go soon.
Unknown said…
I have to agree, you do sound like you're waiting for disaster to strike. Oh, I know that feeling so well.

Can't wait to see the finished potty. I live vicariously through other people's decorating schemes.

Amsterdam is either Sodom and Gemorrah or a totally normal city depending on how you view it. I lived outside of there for 2 years and spent copious amounts of time with perfectly normal Dutch families who weren't dope smoking sex fiends. But that is all there for the young and crazy. Me, I loved the antiques and the chocolate. I got so many beautiful things in flea markets and antique shops, especially Judaica that was sitting in attics from WW2. And the museums! Oh my, they are fabulous.

Plus, one cannot go wrong with Indonesian food.

So I vote for Oldest to visit, although probably not alone. I'd have some adult supervision just in case.
MizMell said…
How about some pics of that shower that needs no curtain. Would love to see photos...
Badger said…
We are ALL on the Singulair over here.

And Chucks are not good for walking. No arch support. I have no arches anyway and they hurt MY feet after an hour or so of tromping around in them.

I dunno your Bensimon, though.
Sway said…
You know glass shower doors steam up right away so you and K would have some privacy, doncha? :o)

Wishing you good luck with the allergies this season... pretty soon everything will be covered with that yellow/green glow of pollen.

Mel said…
I was gone all last week and I missed catching up with you.

Is that weird? I hope not, or I shouldn't have said....