re Wednesday

K has been home for a week. (He's back at work today.)
And what has he accomplished?
Well, let's see:
he moved three large shrubs to obscure the fence on side of our house
turned the earth, put down peat moss and seeded the front and immediate back lawns
excavated and then rebuilt a stone wall on the side of the house and planted flowers
planted 5 white pine saplings
cleaned out the garage
put up the trim in the bathroom
constructed and hung a cabinet door in the bathroom
brought the scooter in for it's first tune-up
rode his bike to the hardware store four or five times
cooked dinner most nights.
All while trying to avoid discourse with Oldest (who goes back to work Monday) and lugging crap around for me.
Last night I jokingly asked Middle if he'd like an extension put on his room as I'm sure I could convince K to knock some extra space onto the house.
It's a good thing he's back in town with G because HE DOES LIKE TO STAY BUSY and we nearly ran out of projects for him.

Of course I couldn't sit around on my butt watching All My Children while he tilled the soil every day. And even though there was no way I could match his level of activity, I did manage to:
clean out and replant the window boxes
pick up all the fancy stones by the kitchen door and clean that entrance way of winter debris
rake the gravel driveway out of the lawn and back into the driveway
clean the front garden and plant some seeds
transplant some perennials
clean out the pantry and the fridge

FIVE BAGS. Huge bags of things for my nephew, for charity, for the garbage...those giant black bags that are four feet tall.
Somewhere along the line, when one of the boys wore a size 14, I bought six pairs of sweat pants and six pairs of shorts. And then, it would appear that two or three years later I did it again. And I don't think either boy wore ANY OF THEM.
I know it's not of any interest to YOU, but I need to think it through.
My boys always wear their age, ie., Youngest is now a size 12, but right around the time that they are 14 years old (in MY experience) I know they need shorts and sweat pants - and I FORGET that they tend to not want to wear what I purchase.
Hence, two sets of each. In size 14. Still not wearable by Youngest.

Each year I soak all the white things in a hopeless attempt to remove pit stains and bits of rust.
Each year I unpack things I THINK I will wear and don't.
Each year, as I unpack, I make mental notes of outfits that I think will be nice for the coming season - and then, like most people, I forget completely about them and wear my old favorites.

So here I am, whites soaking, garage and refrigerator clean and K back at work...anyone got a meme?


Saoirse said…
Ummm.... WOW!!

That is more like a whole SEASON'S worth of work, not one week!

That settles it...I'm definitely a sloth (at least by comparsion)!

Bet your yard and house look great. I'm itching to get perennials planted, but, around here (CT), we have a saying: plant before Memorial Day, you'll plant twice--plant AFTER Memorial Day, you plant once. I don't think I captured it exactly (unless it was made by the crappe saying writers), but it's led to me never doing my windowboxes and groundflowers until the end of May every year.

Now for Pete's sake, take ONE day off to just hang out! (I may be doing this wrong--I have to enter the "word verification" 3 times b4 publishing...
Badger said…
Hey! With the mentally arranging outfits thing, arrange them ACTUALLY, like on a bed or the floor or something, and take pictures. We did this after we bought the kids' school clothes this past summer and it helped a lot. I keep meaning to do it with my clothes too, but I'm too busy watching TV and crappe like that.
Alice said…
Oh, don't forget adding that K and you totally saved my mental sanity re: my broken computer... that's gotta be on that long list somewhere.

Oh, and lets see some yard pictures, after all this hard work and all...
MizMell said…
I'm up for yard pictures... and my goodness, I'm envious of how productive the two of you have been. I just run out of steam too quickly. Maybe I need vitamins???
Anonymous said…
Keeping busy!
Did you have ANY time for a glass of wine, per say?
Betsy said…
I too have a very busy husband. After 20 yrs. in the same house, he finally ran out projects. We just bought a new house on an acre of land. Hopefully, this will keep busy for another 20 yrs. or so!
~ej said…
lol, i hate finding clothes that the kids never wore. i finally boxed the clothes into their own boxes by child's name and put it in the same place in the attic. mind you, i have 4 boys to hand clothes down thru. but ppl give me things (which is fine btw, i love not having to spend money on clothes).
you did a big job, i hope you congratulated yourself!!! :-)
Anonymous said…
My husband is like that if he has no work and is at home. Maybe it's to do with being self employed? Whatever the reason, he gets an awful lot done.
Elan Morgan said…
My mother always used oven cleaner to get out stubborn things like rust and tree sap on white clothing. I would do a patch test first, of course.