Middle got a 94 for his solo performance.
The judge wrote that he is a 'very talented musician.'
I'm beaming - crying and beaming. BECAUSE I'M A BIG CRY BABY.

blue bells

The bluebells are up in my garden. I think. Just let me know if they are called something else - I'm not good at this stuff.

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Business cards! Blogher!
I can't help it - I stare at my stats and WANT MORE READERS.


Here in Tuvalu, outdoor lighting has become TREMENDOUSLY IMPORTANT. One cannot simply have a porch light - one's yard must be DRAMATIC.



Statuary doesn't hurt either - as long as it's well lit.

Here at our little hut we have a porch light.


And some pansies.

Pansies in the wagon too -


Note the care I took in planting them?

I've been trying to do my windows-at-night post. I've been attempting some night-time photos whilst driving around fetching Middle from hither and yon. Hither has some great houses.

window 1

But it's not working. It may be the camera. It may be my driving. It may be that I'm afraid of being arrested. But it's not working.

We did a big food shop yesterday and bought a bunch of this:

piss me off size

when I opened the drawer and offered some to Oldest he said:
and I knew just what he meant.

Someone make me some of these -


YOU, you fabric art blogger - I know you are there...

We watched this the other night -

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and, really, that is two hours of my life I'd like back.
I know, I know, Almodovar is a genius. And Penelope is easy on the eyes and ears, but MY GOD. LIKE WATCHING GRASS GROW. And to hear that they padded her ass because she is too skinny is just an insult to my intelligence - and hers. I don't know, maybe it was better seen in a theater.

We've been watching these guys and reminiscing - Oldest grew up on Bugs as there was no Nickelodeon.

Bugs and Daffy

Do you know the one where they try to outdo each other in a vaudeville act?
Daffy does a magic trick that can only be performed once -
it's comedy gold.

And speaking of comedy gold: I went with my breakfast club to see Kathy Griffin.
Two hours of laughing until our faces hurt. Catch her on youtube if you can, and look for the bit about taking her parents on the lesbian cruise of Alaska.
I can't do it justice.

I need to clean out our pantry. We have one shelf full of stuff that resembles bird food. Any time someone goes in there for a snack I'm hopeful they will choose the ancient flax seed crackers or the cro-magnon era mixed nuts, but no one wants them.
This box of matzohs is three years old.

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And, believe it or not, THEY WERE A GIFT. We don't even eat matzohs.

I've become enamored of folding my plastic bags into little memorial squares. I cannot possibly expand on this topic.


Talk to you later.


Anonymous said…
Let's talk about the flag garland(for lack of a better term). Not that I need another project on my list, but I think I can make an exception here.
Heather said…
yay Middle!
Anonymous said…
Bravo Middle!
It mus tbe overwhelming to be surprised liek that by your child...
I should show my son all those chocolate but I would be MEAN!
Congrats on your lovely flower potting, you did just great.
Not as the night shots I am afraid, but we can all see what you mean though...
Ummmh, it's only 9AM here and you already posted today's post??? Do you get ANY sleep at all?
Sarah Louise said…
so much depends

a red

(I couldn't resist.)


Those are lovely business cards, too.
BabelBabe said…
you KNOW I love you but those bags? You NEED HELP, DEAR!

Congrats to Middle, and Oldest made me laugh out loud.
Anonymous said…
ha ha, have i been reading my husband's aunt june's blog all along? she folds the newspaper bags just that way for dog poop duty.
i love the pansies in the red flyer. i looked at it twice and said, 'oh my god, they're still in the flat from the nursery!'.
i like to think you have quality readers, if not quantity.
MizMell said…
I fold brown paper bags, but have never been able to anything with the plastic ones. You MUST share your folding technique...
Badger said…
Are you the Ally Sheedy of the breakfast club?

No! Wait!

You are the Judd Nelson.

I just know it.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for entertaining me every morning! I have 3 daughters so my life is quite different, but we sure think the same way on lots of things!
Scatterbrain said…
Ok, Blackbird- Now we're even. We don't do the polenta thing...and you guys don't to matzo.
(Yay for Middle!)
MsCellania said…
Flag folds for Bags? Yipes! I fold but don't go all America on them.
My matzos have a mitzvah. I don't know from Holyland.
The going-nuts-with-exterior-lighting? Happening here, too. And our neighbors, THE PUTZ FAMILY (yes, with the Lamborghini that looks lonely in our subdivision) not only lit all their Exterior Features and Landscaping, they put some lights on our landscaping, too. You know, to make their landscaping look really tasty. But, once again, they forgot to ask us. My husband got so mad about it (They take too many liberties) that he turned all the lights to shine in their windows. I prefer the good old energy-saving single porch light, as you do.
Oldest nailed it with those trifling candy bars. One is forced to eat 3 or 4 of the things.
tut-tut said…
Congrats on a very high score indeed.

If you can fold plastic bags like a flag, you can make prayer flags. Even if you don't have a sewing machine.

Can't K instruct you on a lens for night photography? I was looking so forward to that series.
Paula said…
Yay Middle!

I like the chair on your front porch.
Alice said…
Could you let me know how to fold bags too?
That seems like a really great way to avoid studying...
Anonymous said…
1) If you thought Volver was boring, do NOT watch "Talk To Her." It's about men obsessed with women who are in comas. For the record, I enjoyed both films so it's clear our friendship has certain limitations.

2) re: outdoor lights...Uplighting. It's the signature of the late-90's Christopher Lowell craze. He was to "uplighting" like Rachael Ray is to "E.V.O.O." And they both drive me crazy.
celestial opus said…
You must expand, you must! I need step by step photo instructions on folding little plastic bags. I'm sure it's easy as hell, but I'm just as lazy to figure it out by myself.
alice c said…
This was the first time that I ever laughed out loud at any of your posts. Just so you know.
Thanks for all the laughter since then.