put the needle on the record*

I spent a morning with my brother and his kids over the weekend.
It was great fun joking around with my niece and nephew - I've been seeing a lot of my brother but his cute kids are always in school so I miss things like

arm joke2

the old fence ate my arm trick. (Can you tell that my brother's children don't know how to pose for blog posts?)

the other arm

See? Silly! That's how you open the fence.

Little kids are tons of fun - you can put them on top of things -

boy on a ball

But you do have to stop to tie their shoes.

Oh, yes, we went to Target.
After a fix -

<span class=

How funny is it that the workmen are drinking from the roach coach?
It cracked us up, I'll tell you.

My brother's local Target was like a ghost town.

ghost target

It was ten in the morning on a Saturday and there wasn't a soul there.
We were the only shoppers.
We saw some great stuff -

cool tent bed

I wanted this tent for my bed.

Here's half a chair.

half a chair

And, look!

infamous lap desk

It's a pile of those faux wood lap desks that all the design blogs were writing about a couple of weeks ago.
I'm telling you, if there's something that Target is sold out of in every store, it was at my brother's Target.

We had a great time.

On the way home we saw two miraculous sights.


<span class=

The Delorean yards - shrouded in a fog from the 80's.

And, The Mysterious House Of Horses.

horse house2

I am stupefied at that horse head sticking out of the front of that house.

Don't laugh too much or I'll hit you with a pork chop and a hairstick**.

*My brother said this all morning.

**My nephew said this all morning.


MizMell said…
A horse head stinking out from the house??? I guess there really is no accounting for taste...
BabelBabe said…
I LOVE that horsehead sticking out of the house : )

also, I want to buy one for Badger's neighbors, to go with those creepy tree gnomes they have facing her yard.

you must train the young ones in the art of blog-photo posing.
Badger said…
Bbabe: DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT. It's bad enough I've have to look at her (my neighbor's) crappy fake irises for the past two months. She puts them along the fence and then leaves them there forever. Like no one will know they're not real. I HAVE NO IDEA.

Anyhoo, what I was GOING to say was that I have three Targets near me and one of them is a ghost-town Target and I LOVE THAT because they have everything. I hadn't heard about the lap desks but my girl child needs one so it may be Target Time.
Joke said…
I'm amazed at the DeLorean yard.

Anonymous said…
Oh Bb, thank you for your posts.
I don't think you realize how the make my days, each and every day.
Thanks to you I could go into Target, after 6 months.
And the priceless horse house...hmmm...O.K.
Cute little nephews you have there.
And the Deloreans...what can I say...!
Anonymous said…
Your brother still has a record player (with a needle) and records?
Anonymous said…
I want the BED TENT!!
Where is that Delorean yard? Seriously. I have a friend who still has one.
Jennifer said…
I have been looking for a lap desk EVERYWHERE and they are no where to be found here. I wanted to get one for my grandparents, so they'd stop putting their laptop... on their lap. Those things get hot!
Anonymous said…
Where did you find all those deloreans? I didn't even know there were that many in existence! lol

cool pic