I love sailing. I'm not sure we'd ever own a boat - but I love being on a sailboat.
K is a very competent sailor. Our friend's boat goes in the water this week - I'm hoping for an invitation.

baby cow

Middle and I like toys of cows. We like looking at real live cows too, but we are not animal lovers. It's like we like the idea of cows.


I am a car nut. I have about nine months to choose my next car and I have started my research. I love car research. Give me your budget and needs and I'll find you a new car.

race car

When I was small I had a blue pedal car. I adored it and drove it and parked it all day long. When I was bigger I had a tiny red MG. When I am old I think I might want a Jeep Wrangler.

tea set

Cooking play and caring for doll babies were my other passions. Shocking, eh?


Toys with dangly legs CRACK ME UP.


All from Vilac, who make the most wonderful toys in the world.


Paula said…
I'm working on your 50 new things thing.

So, it looks like YOU started the meme.
MizMell said…
50 is entirely too many... how about something more manageable like 10 or 12??
MsCellania said…
I took another look at Athleta - and ordered a bunch of practical stuff. Like high necked tankini tops, long board shorts and other goodies. In ZOFTIG sizes. In sturdy fabrics. Swimsuits with C-DD cups and full coverage bottoms. Yep. Scarce as hen's teeth, but in there.

This, of course, has nothing to do with your post. But I'm trying to comment. again.
Sarah Louise said…
There's a meme at my blog. When you come back from the city.

Cows...I have a friend who has a cow PURSE!

CUTE toys.
Mel said…
It is only 8 months until MY new car!!

I drive a VW bug and want something a little bigger, but similar in cuteness and mpg. Ideas?????
blackbird said…
Melisa -
I need your email address!
Mel said…
Sorry! I still can't figure out the whole google thing! I am hopelessly googley stupid. or

my webpage is

(I almost had a coronary when you changed the comments you accept, took me until YESTERDAY to figure out how to post one!)