music to my ears

Middle is working hard on his saxophone piece for his solo at the end of the month. (A Handel sonata.)
I'm a terrible nag about him practicing but he puts up with me.
This year's piece is so varied that I (being musically illiterate) keep thinking it's four pieces.
They are movements it turns out, and he's really locking them down.
I can hear his teacher: BOM BOM BOM tee tee tee tee, FASTER AND WITH CRESCENDO, NOW FORTE, BRAVO!
He even shouts for Middle to play the rests.
I love this time of year, this ritual of preparing the music and learning to play it as well as you can possibly play it. Well, not me. Him.
So, now he is in the crunch - it's the last weeks before he plays before the judge and I really think he is better prepared this year, or more mature - or something.
And I'm so proud of him. I know he plays sax, at this point, because K and I believe that it's important for them to play music, but he probably wouldn't otherwise. So I admire the fact that he's working so hard.
We'll go together to play before the judge, I'll wait outside -
He'll get high marks, but I'll be nervous for him anyway. And we'll listen to Bohemian Rhapsody on the way home, just like we always do, with the windows rolled down, and then we'll burn the music and I will never hear the piece again.
But for now I can still enjoy it for about 15 minutes a day...


tut-tut said…
Oh, I know the tremor and trepidation of these musical events. All the kids playing the piece over and over in the ante room (cafeteria, in our case) before being led away to perform and be graded. A stomach-knotter. Good luck to Middle!

Is that you knitting, I see in the Flickr roll? And what is it??
Velma said…
Have I mentioned what a kick I get out of your labels?
Anonymous said…
I admire him, too. Mystery Man played the trumpet and did many of those competitions. The worst was waiting outside the door and listening. To my musically illterate ear, it would sound find, but S. would at times shake his head.

It takes such courage to perform, let alone before a judge. I hope he continues with the sax for his own pleasure. It is my favorite sound in the world.
savvycityfarmer said…
You're a sweet Mom
MizMell said…
Music (and the learning of)is said to be one of the greatest gifts you can give your children. I believed this, and still do. I think it may help with reasoning skills...
Badger said…
I have so much to look forward to. With THE TUBA.
jenny said…
wow, he only plays sax because you and K think it's important? that in itself is a testament to your parenting.

and hey, at least it's not the tuba :)