The fellow on the radio keeps saying: Today's high temperature, eighty mfmrfm...
I can't seem to get that second digit.

K is home until they call him back in. Budget issues.

Oldest is off for a week, here in his room, and tends to wake with a thousand questions and anxieties...and so K and I are off for coffee and food shopping.

I'm not sure how much more I have to report, but I'll be back later.

I'll try to think of something funny.


MizMell said…
In the 80s here too. Once I can get the soreness out of my joints this am, I'll be back out in the yard whipping all the plant beds into shape.
Unknown said…
80's here too. It's kind of scary getting out shorts and tank tops a week after wearing polar fleece and corderoy.

K is getting to know the joys of the independant contractor. 10 freaking years of my life living like that. It's very hard being at the whims of budgets gone south.

As for Oldest... I'm right there with you, sister. Props for keeping calm in the storm.

Great word verification for this post. Flantz. Let's make up a definition, shall we? Flantz: The small balls of material that form on worn flannel.
Mona said…
morning! i'm a new reader. found your blog by looking up regina spektor song and found that youtube video. hilarious. i'm in new york and it's 86 today! busting out the open toed shoes and the skirt :)
happy monday.
blackbird said…
Listen Flantz -

Mr. Bird was free-lance for 21 it's more like GETTING RE-USED TO.
Heather said…
Happy Monday Blackbird.