a meme from Paola...updated

...who came to my rescue! Don't all jump on the bandwagon NOW.
I am changing it though - I was SUPPOSED to put song titles as my answers...but not being very musical, and being very VISUAL, I decided to do pictures...

The weather:

Your state of mind:

goat cheese

I CAN'T FIND IT. It's Australian and a cab/shiraz blend and the label had cattle on it in sepia tones...

<span class=


Road Trip:
two for the road



Your favourite movie:
Shakespeare In Love

Pride And



Oh, look - I found it...

hmm, no cows at all

You just can't see the cows. They are HIDING.


~ej said…
that was fun...that version of "pride and prejudice" was just on the other night, i liked it so much better than the ones i had seen in the past. i had just watched "bride and prejudice" too, so it was amusing to me :-)
BabelBabe said…
is that bedraggled pathetic speciman of a man behind Keira meant to be Fitzwilliam Darcy?!?!?! If so, then I know why I never watched the film.
Saoirse said…
I'm going to try the wine.

Here is a wine with a crazy name and label that a friend brought to my house last week.


It is actually wonderful. You should try it. I had the cab but there are other varieties...

I've got to get a digital camera--what kind do you use?
blackbird said…
Saoirse -
I know fat bastard wine quite well...it's in our under-ten-dollars-with-a-funny-name category.
My camera is a leica C-lux.
(Although none of the pictures from this post were shot with it.)
Anonymous said…
you know I never do memes, but really, reading yours is SO MUCH fun I might do one today.
Anonymous said…
I knew you would turn it into a MUCH better meme.
You're unique.
I've become so fond of memes...
celestial opus said…
Wait. Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney were in a movie together?! Oh this rocks!