making it easier for me to not spend money

The last time I was in Anthropologie, a couple of weeks ago, I got a phone call. I was polite and left the store to have my conversation - and didn't go back in. And that's good because it was one of those visits where everything I saw enchanted me....which is BAD.
Sometimes I can walk through that store and TRY to spend money and be unable to. I could be searching for a gift or a blouse to complete an outfit or just need a candle or a greatly reduced doily, and NOTHING will appeal to me.
It doesn't matter.
They email me too - although, I must admit, I've never been lured to the store by an email.
Last week's email was no exception.
It's sad but I think I may be too old for Anthro.

short pants2

Groovy short pants. And, yes, calling them short pants MAY encourage me to purchase them as I am way beyond actual SHORTS.

short pants

I'm having a problem picturing them on me. I have hips. And thighs.

no <span class=

Methinks this accentuates the bust line in a way which MAY NOT BE FLATTERING.


These tunic/smock things are all the rage - and the blousy-ness is flattering.
But I tried this milkshake thing on and, now that I know it's called a milkshake, I can understand why it made my breasts look the way it did.

So, although the tunic is a flattering shape, IMO, this one


screams maternity to me. I don't think it's okay to be nearly 50 and look like you're pregnant.

And this -

housewives of...

is a bit too Housewives of Orange County, no?

<span class=

Much better.
A housedress.
With a dish towel belt.

bad from start to finish

This, my friends, is a nightmare.
I cannot think of a single woman on whom this would be attractive.

I'm through being harsh.
This is sold as a dress -

not a dress

but I'd be happy to wear it with pants.

And there's probably nowhere else but Anthropologie (or Target) that I'd shop for a bag -


They carry wonderful handbags which you will never see anywhere else.
So,that's it then...handbags and scented candles. Oh, and doilies.


--erica said…
This is how it works for me.
If I have no money to spend I want EVERYTHING and everythig is beautiful. If I acutally have money, I hate everything and nothing is right.

and tunic NEVER work on me. Always maternity.
kilowatthour said…
the short pants are right out.

but can i tell you how much i covet this bag?
tut-tut said…
Whatever became of the waistband? "Sits below the waist" accentuates what's between the hips and the waist, something that never was there before this period of my life.
celestial opus said…
candles, glass knobs, and stationary. And the odd sunglasses case. I'm not sure why, but yes.
Unknown said…
Blouses 1 and 2 scream Heidi to me. I mean, if I am going ayodeling, then maybe I could see wearing them, but otherwise, nope. Love the short pants, not on an adult though, and no teen would be caught dead in them, which is a shame, for they are cute.

The maternity shirts that are so popular now are so freaking disasterous for people like me, with boobs that face south towards my knees and need much foundation to point forward. By the time they're perked up, I look like I'm in my 6th month of a triplet pregnancy. I skip that style completely.

As for the bubble dresses, they are so horrible I cannot understand why ANYONE in their right mind would find them attractive. In Bloomies last week we saw quite a few of them, and I commented that those would definately be on the 50% off rack by the end of summer. Hid-jis!

Handbags? I find more at Marshalls than do I anywhere else. Probably because I am cheap and do not want to pay hundreds for a shlep.
Anonymous said…
I see we all agree that tunics and us...NOT GOOD.
I too look like a 9 month pregnant woman, which is ridiculous.
The milkshake phrase cracked me, as you usally do dear Bb.