it's spring

I need to unearth the Easter baskets -
to inject new enthusiasm into our Easter, we are having Youngest hide the eggs. These past few years we've sat around in the morning while Youngest finds them and I think we need to shake it up.
They will each get some candy and a wee present, even Oldest. (There was a year when I reduced his basket due to age and his brothers thought that was terrible.)
The baskets of which I speak are buried in the attic with the warm weather clothes I need to dig out - but I'm not in the mood for that.

Yesterday I picked and scraped paint and errant grout off the tiles and washed the whole thing down. This morning I am sealing the grout. Yep. I am.

The problem with these renovation jobs is twofold -
one - the entire rest of the house now looks like crappe as it has been neglected and showered with reno dust,
two - we can now see every other thing that needs renovation.

We are having friends to dinner on Saturday and I know they'd like to see what we've done, and that's fine because we both liking working with deadlines....
But K is on a big edit and has put in a couple of 20 hour days - I'm not sure I can hang light fixtures and towel bars. Actually, I know I can't.
So, we'll see.

You know what else I'm doing because it's spring?
I'm wearing eyeliner.
I know! who knew!
Well, it turns out, that I was reading this annoying magazine for women over 40, which totally pisses me off because while I freely admit that I am over 40, I'm not crazy about hanging out with the 60 and 70 year olds, AND I read a bit by Bobbi Brown wherein she said that I should wear a thin line of black eyeliner on my upper lid. Very close to the lash line.
So, for like, $4, I tried it, and sure enough it is somewhat attractive. PLUS it totally goes with that whole Amy Winehouse vibe. Except I'm mostly sober.


Geggie said…
Mostly sober is the best we can hope for.
Susie Sunshine said…
It's hard to compete with the excitement of The Sealing of the Grout, but today is Green Day over here and we are FIRED UP!

I wear eyeliner daily, thanks to Bobbi B.
She's the Oprah of makeup, man.
Anonymous said…
Eyeliner? For you scrubbing...
Velma said…
Mostly sober is what I aspire to.
Anonymous said…
You need to be mostly sober to get that eyeliner on.

Sorry about the squirrels.
MsCellania said…
Oh dear about the squirrels.
Last photo shoot I did, they put eyeliner on the inner edge of both sets of lashes. YES. BY MY EYEBALLS. It really made my eyes pop out (in a manner of speaking) in the photos. Try it. I've always done lower that way, but not upper liner.

I don't know why, but I've ovah Amy.
Angela said…
Am I also supposed to apply eyeshadow after the eyeliner? Because I just did the eyeliner, and I look like I'm trying a bit too hard.

Does it look awkward because I'm not yet 40?
Badger said…
Goddammit, I thought I was the Oprah of makeup!

Next you will be wearing LIPSTICK. MY GOD.

My kids still believe in the Easter Bunny. And the Tooth Fairy, who had damn well better remember to drop some coin at our house tonight.

I am ready for this to stop ANY DAY NOW.
Suse said…

Did I miss something?
MizMell said…
Sounds like things are coming right along. What did you decide for artwork in the new bathroom?

The eyeliner thing is good--my 20 something daughters told me about Revlon's wet/dry eyeliner (it's a pencil!) It's probably more than $4 but it goes on so very smooth and evenly.