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It's been a long time since there have been any new babies in our lives here in Tuvalu, but, over the last year or so, some new additions have come into our world...(after a certain age this kind of thing tends to taper off).
And there are a couple of new babies on the way!
Babies who will receive presents! From us!
Anyway, so, I have been baby shopping for a while now - AND THERE IS MORE BABY SHOPPING TO DO.
The thing is, last fall, I bought a bought a baby gift for K's sister from and then decided I wanted to give her a cashmere blanket instead, because she is a real cashmere fan - and who wouldn't want to cuddle a new baby wrapped in cashmere? So I ended up with a big fat credit at babystyle because it took me a long time to decide about the cashmere blanket and because has a STUPID return policy.
Happily, babystyle has lots of nice merchandise for me to give to other babies. So that's what I've been doing, and will continue to do (it was a BIG fat credit).
Last night I was perusing the site in search of something for a the baby of a friend and loving everything I saw when I realized that there is some weird ass stuff for babies nowadays.
I should preface this by telling you that I love baby equipment.
I love strollers and bassinets and diaper bags. I love looking at the stuff so much that it is only in the past couple of years that I actually realized I DON'T NEED TO LOOK AT IT.
But, back to the weird stuff...


I had a sling for Middle and Youngest. Middle adored it - Youngest not so much.
I wore Middle in it for nearly three years (my babies were SMALL) but it was WHITE!
Not for long of course, but there was nothing else available to me at the time...not so now!

baby pod

I was even more afraid of this photo before I spotted the baby's legs.
Something about this sling/carrier thing creeps me out.
Maybe it's the mom.

bouncy chair

Ahhh, the bouncy seat. We've all had these - I borrowed mine. They are hideously expensive and useful for only a few months.
How about this one?


I love the extraneous looking arm with suspended toy. God forbid an infant not be visually stimulated every second HE IS AWAKE. This movement toward constant visual stimuli has me wondering when babies are difficult to put to bed...don't get me started.

Things do seem to have become rather over-designed as far as I'm concerned. Why have this -

<span class=

when you can have this?


My babies had baths in the kitchen sink when they were able to sit on their own.
I'm sure they could have contracted some kind of disease.

My boys did love that thing that clamped on the door moulding and let them bounce...

hang glider

I suppose a hang glider version would be okay.

But this -


is madness. And costly. And ugly.


Where does baby put his book?

I will freely admit, however, that while I had one like this:

Picture 1

I would adore one of these...


I'd buy it but the credit isn't that large...
So, what will I buy for these wee ones we are waiting for?
Cozy blankets I suppose.
And maybe I'll sew some retro print patches on them.


MsCellania said…
I LOVE baby stuff.
The smartest thing we bought was an expensive stroller. It would be a great gift but OY - the cost!

I always make receiving blankies out of quilt-shop flannel. The moms love that they are BIG and the babies love that they are SOFT. My niece, at nearly 3, still must have one of them in her grasp to leave their house. The other thing I make are 1.5 yard long 'play quilts'. Right now there are great Olivia prints (from the book OLIVIA by Falconer) from which to choose, in sophisticated red/black/white. They also make great summer-weight crib blankets, or stroller blankets.
You are spot on about the over stimulation foisted on babies. But I can attest to the fact that you sure can be easily convinced that your baby NEEDS all that crappe.
Badger said…
I LOVED my sling. That is the one baby thing I refused to give away. (Well, not the only one. But the one about which I was most rabid.)
Anonymous said…
I just need to step up and admit that I bought the high chairs. Actually, I bought two (twins). I justified it by telling myself that it's not as if we like out dining room chairs anyway, and these will last forever and hold up to 300lbs (not that even a 200lb butt would feel comfy on that ledge, but whatever) and, and, and . . .
OK, maybe it's wasn't the smartest decision I made at 2 mos post-pardum. lol.
blackbird said…
aww, see, now I've made Meira all nervous...which I DO NOT mean to do!
Sarah Louise said…
Hmm...all the babies I knew got their early baths in the kitchen sink.
Unknown said…
Those high chairs are recommended for special needs kids. Any child who has issues with sitting well on their own, or being able to pay attention to their job (eating) does really well in a high chair like that. Which is why you find them on all the special needs recommendation sites.

And um, we had one. For my special needs daughter. Who used it for about a year until she decided one day she was no longer special needs and learned to sit on her own.

The same kid who HATED the sling. But liked her Peg Perego carriage.

Yeah, baby stuff was a lot easier when we were having our kids. 15 years ago. In the dark ages. :-)
Unknown said…
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