internet goodness from each of us

My all-time favorite list from McSweeney's

Muppets That Didn't Make It
By Scott Shemo

Spitty the Camel

Mr. Shingles

Julius 'n' Ethel

Joseph Gerbils

Foamy the Rabid Puma

Ann Eurysm


Theodora the Old-Time Saloon Whore

Wylie Von Footfetish

Big Disease-Carrying Bird

I cannot get past Foamy without nearly wetting my pants - Middle has a special fondness for Theodora.

Youngest loves Charlie...

which I'll admit is longish - but TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Middle sent me this yesterday -

hamster paper shredder

he is a makeblog reader.

Oldest is into these guys -


K reads Niki!

And I cannot take my eyes off my flickr home page. Apparently I am Schmutzie's contact. Or she is mine. I DON'T KNOW. BUT SHE HAS PIROGIES.

photos from my contacts



BabelBabe said…
I like Julius 'n' Ethel.
Badger said…
Ack! Two of the girl child's friends told her about Charlie. I made her watch it with me there, because she's not allowed to YouTube without an adult. It was ... not a good choice for her. But no nightmares so far, thank goodness.
MizMell said…
Nice paper shredder... Hopefully no hamster or gerbil will be checking in???
Jess said…
I showed my roommate the hamster cage, which caused her to erupt with sudden glee, "I want a hamster! Let's get a hamster!" And yes, we're 25...
Joke said…
It's a magic leuplurodon!

Heather said…
I thought it was Friday until I read your label.
jenny said…
I'm partial to Ann Eurysm myself.

And the boy has been loving him some Charlie too. If I hear 'Shun the nonbeliever' one more time...