believe it or not... bathroom needs cleaning.
It's been functional just long enough to need a little spritz here and there and I'm pretty excited about it - it's got to be easier to clean than the old room, right?

I thought I'd show you around -

the floor

The floor. I know you've seen it, but now I need to stop looking at it. I can only see the things wrong with the installation of it...things you will never notice.

Eyes up!


The shower. You've seen it before too.
Here's the top of it...


I did this.


I know it's completely OCD, but the crazy colored bottles of hair and body stuff made me a little nuts. All the hair stuff has the same flip cap on it that hurts my finger - and doesn't always open. So. Totally justified, right?


Isn't that a mature wastebasket? Go ahead. Encourage me.
And yes, those are meat hooks holding up the towels.

Nothing has inspired us for this spot -

blank picture

K made the frame into a cabinet door with a vast array of hinges and straps and magnetic closures. The shelves for inside it and the niche near the sink are due Monday.
I had Middle run up and look at it when it was first hung. I wanted his opinion on what to put in the frame and he shouted down to me:
What's wrong with it the way it is?

bottles of sand

Those are half of my bottles of sand. We put that shelf there JUST FOR MY BOTTLES OF SAND.


My love affair with the sink has begun. Last night, whilst washing up, I was caressing it.
There's a lot of stuff there though -

stuff on the sink

we need the shelves.

That's it.
End of the tour.

Here -


here's my hair. And my pursey-lipped face. And my camera. People have been requesting some of these things.

Talk to you later.


--erica said…
why hello bb.

I could never wear that sweater. I would get the sleeves in everything..
Anonymous said…
Oh Bb, it's so nice to see you again!
Lovely hair and lovely memories.
The bathroom look sgreat and I LOV the sand bottles, maybe you could get some from here! (it'll ruin your beigey tones though!)
Heather said…
Hi bb!
Spring didn't .. uh, spring?
And nothing says happily married like 2 bath towels hanging side by side.
tut-tut said…
WOW! Sink, meat hooks, hair, matching product bottles--all is amazing.
Anonymous said…
The bathroom had me confused, until now. You and K did a wonderful job with this room. Congradulations.

I agree with Middle.

Thanks for the picture. I feel so lucky.

Unknown said…
Can I just tell you how much I love and covet your floor tile... and shower... and pretty much everything about your new bathroom?

There's more specific tile info back in your archives, right? When I am finally able to re-do my bathroom and replace the awful peeling vinyl floor, I'll be able to track down your lurvely tile for my very own, right?

Or do I need to email you directly?
Anonymous said…
No room for a bidet, I see.
Badger said…
I wish my hair would do that. When it's that short, it sticks straight out from my head at 90 degrees. (Wait, was that redundant?)
Jennifer said…
I love your shower :)
MizMell said…
I am so happy that I finally got a peek at that fabulous shower. It all looks marvelous. Love your great big ole pedestal sink...

Nice haircut, too.
BabelBabe said…
H would die before he hng his bath towel up next to the toilet. he won't even let me leave the toothbrushes in a basket on the sink which is four feet away from the toilet.

I love seeing you, but i miss you! it makes me miss you.
Anonymous said…
I love the matching white bottles. Not OCD at all ... that coming from an OCD person and all.
Elan Morgan said…
I like seeing the occasional shot of the obscured you. It's like Blackbird porn
KitchenKiki said…
I love the bottles of sand!

And don't forget to get a spare roll of TP, you were looking pretty low there...
Saoirse said…
EVERY shower should have a little cubby/nook space to put shampoo and lotions in (goes without saying they should all be in the same typer containers, too!). My house was built in the early 40's and, alas, doesn't have such a spot, so I will covet yours (and steal your similar containers concept!). It's beautiful--your attention to detail has really paid off.
Anonymous said…
Oy. We had mosaic tile on the floor in one of our bathrooms in the old house. ImPOSSible to keep clean.

I love what you did with the bottles. I am so stealing that.

Cute hair.
KPB said…
But that gap. Above the shower - and beside it. How do you keep that clean?
Suse said…
Hey, you've got a new camera!

The first thing I thought when I saw the towels hung so close to the toilet was "their three boys must have aim far superior to my three."
Mags said…
LOVE the sink.
Anonymous said…
Um, are you a youngest child?
Just wondering. (and is K an oldest?)

word verif. "caried' as in, teeth gone bad
blackbird said…
Anon -
I am the oldest of three and K is dead middle of five...