50 new things about me

  1. I have been eating arugula out of the bag, like chips.
  2. I intend to read Eat, Pray, Love.
  3. My heels are cracked.
  4. I do not use music to heal.
  5. I think I'm taller and am surprised that I'm not.
  6. It takes a long time for me to finish the bottle of shampoo.*
  7. I don't even like chocolate anymore.
  8. I always think I'm going to take care of my garden, and then don't.
  9. I bought two J Crew tee shirts.
  10. I hate J Crew.
  11. K and I are going to a weekend long wedding. In June. Alone.
  12. I hate having work men in my house.
  13. Someone always runs out of socks.
  14. This is nothing new.
  15. I've been making bread once a week.
  16. I'm really looking forward to May, when church will be over for the season.
  17. I've stopped wearing socks.
  18. I act like a mother-in-law and none of them are married.**
  19. I'd like to shave my head.
  20. And get a tattoo.
  21. But not on my head.
  22. I'm spending far too much time thinking about our trip in September.
  23. I'm spending far too little time washing floors.
  24. I read my site meter like a blog.***
  25. I've been roasting asparagus.
  26. I like the smell of Play-Doh.
  27. I've never seen The Simpsons.
  28. I've never had a migraine.
  29. I believe in horoscopes.
  30. I love henna dyed hands.
  31. I can't eat cooked tuna.
  32. Balloons annoy me.
  33. I always sniff the clean laundry.
  34. I bring candy to the movies.
  35. Sometimes I love to cook.
  36. Sometimes I hate to cook.
  37. I need a haircut.
  38. My left ear is ringing.
  39. I need a pedicure.
  40. My left foot is smaller.
  41. Last night, I watched Castaway interspersed with The Sound Of Music.
  42. I need to write a post about Castaway.
  43. I dreamed of tapeworms - I blame House.
  44. I like quiet mornings.
  45. I forget my cell phone all the time.
  46. I'm really into spinach pie right now.
  47. I can't crack my knuckles.
  48. But I can crack my hip.
  49. I like to read the magazines at the supermarket.
  50. I eat black licorice. ****
*months! months I tell you!
**no girlfriend is good enough.
***I can see who reads this, where they live, and how they got here.
****not that candy stuff either.


MizMell said…
Better get that "no girlfriend is good enough" thing under control or chances are, you'll never have grandchildren. Be happy when your young men are happy. (I have no sons, but have had TWO MOTHER IN LAWS.)

I like sniffing clean laundry--especially sheets off the clothesline. Love it!

Work men in the house are a necessary evil. My other half is a finish carpenter so I've heard both sides.

I think a shaven head would be far less trouble as well... and what's up with chocolate???
Badger said…
I would totally do #19 and #20. Maybe even #21.

#s 33-37: YES for me too.

#40, I am the opposite.

#50, make mine salted. But not double salt. That shit is evil.
Alice said…
if I wrote this list, half of them could just be directly stolen from you.. interesting, eh?
oh, and how do i get a site meter?
tut-tut said…
*** is a bit, hmm . . . well, HOW detailed?

I've never had No. 39.

There's an old John Wayne movie that I believe Castaway pays homage to, in the name of the coconut. I could be wrong, though.
Julie said…
what are you 4 children's book type tattoos? (you left a comment about them on another site)
BabelBabe said…
#38? Well, answer it.
Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Yeah, you gotta get past the "No girl is good enough." I for one will be thrilled to have someone take them off my hands...
aldo love henna dyed hands. H bought me a henna kit years ago for my bday and I never did it - maybe I should dig it out. I also love nose piercings - little itsy bitsy ones - just not on me.
and I'll bet you are not as into spinach pie as that lady at WF yesterday...
blackbird said…
robiewankenobie said…
5. mee too! if it is any consolation, you are very much so over the internets.

6. over a year. and you can get a tin for it. http://usa.lush.com/cgi-bin/lushdb/2164?expand=Haircare

8. with the exception of tomatoes.

11. am jealous. as i am of 22.

26. i've been meaning to "make some" in order to be crafty...but it won't be the same.

39. i've never

48. elbows
robiewankenobie said…
i forgot #17...no worries...they are an abomination.

[finally vlooh. your word verifications are always quite taxing]
robiewankenobie said…
oh, and i forgot! 30! how could i forget 30? a MAN came by the drive thru with some. i was mesmerized by them...and stared for what was probably an uncomfortable amount of time as i passed off his drink.

okay. i'm done now.
*sits on hands*
JJ said…
oh...#24 makes this lurker nervous. i lurk, but don't stalk. I check in often becuase you amuse, entertain and feel like an old friend more than you know.

loved this post.
blackbird said…
- don't be nervous Jennifer...#24 isn't meant to make you scared.
Paula said…
I can pop my hip, it freaks people out.

I REFUSE to comment about #22 as I am GREEN with envy.

All this talk of socks and pedicures and my WV is featyw. Hmm.
Jennifer said…
I don't know how anyone can actually LIKE the smell of Play-Doh ?

I like quiet mornings too. It just makes the day all the much better.

I would love to get a henna tattoo! Because I would never want a REAL tattoo.

I will cut your hair for you :) Drop in sometime.. you know where I live ;)
MezzoCO said…
But do you like to eat raw tuna? I'm the opposite...it's a texture thing.
Helen said…
alright I'll say hello then, seeing as you're watching me. I think I miss playdough now my boys are over it.
KitchenKiki said…
Since I'm being watched, I'll say hello.

#15 have you visited A Year in Bread?

#8 me too

#30 I have a friend who henna's my hand or back or foot almost every summer. It is really cool

#35 & #36 Often at the same time

#39 desperately

#46 a perennial favorite. But I haven't made it in years.
--erica said…
"can see who reads this, where they live, and how they got here."

can you read my mind too?? :)))
blackbird said…
That's Kousin Kitchen Kiki!
KitchenKiki said…
Yes, Sara Louise's cousin. Hi!