You Never Can Tell

Sitting with Middle at the dining room table, this song comes on my iTunes.

At first he only did some in-the-chair-dancing...

chair dancing

He stood up and went full tilt Pulp Fiction with me!

dancing 1

dancing 2

Today they gut our upstairs bath...

<span class=
I'll spare you the photo of the plastic shower stall - and yes,


that was a little bottle of poison from the back of the medicine cabinet.

The title says it all.


Sinda said…
am I mistaken, or is this the first, MOMENTOUS, head-to-toe picture of Blackbird in existence (on this blog)?
Elan Morgan said…
I saw you!
Hot cha cha!
Badger said…
Okay but WHAT SONG?
Anonymous said…
Glad I stopped by earlier.
Anonymous said…
Yes, what song?

My very favourite flowers you got there.

Nice dancy clog feet!
RW said…
Those are my favourite flowers too!
Anonymous said…
I admit it. I saw you too. Please stop going in my closet.
Anonymous said…
I like your son's haircut! That is very hip!
blackbird said…
the song was
Anonymous said…
Your "children" are funky and really cute. Can I say that?