the weekend

A storm!
A storm paralyzed Tuvalu and closed the schools early! Unheard of.
Not snow - make no mistake.
Hard, driving, face pelting ice closed roads and halted progress on our bathroom and held my brother several provinces away, while we planned for a party for my mother.

Ice, so poetic here -

bud in ice

such a pain in the ass here -

<span class=

kitchen door

Not an inch of snow I TELL YOU - IT'S ALL ICE.

With the yard frozen solid, and my brother finally arriving via Pakistan, inside we bustled along to prepare a feast.

two breads

(I made two loaves! A coup!)

table before meat

That's homework on the big board, but I tailored it all to be a birthday greeting.

big board use

spring mantle

Spring hopes eternal.

feet in the kitchen

One crowd telling jokes in the kitchen (there ARE NO good Hitler jokes) (one bawdy nun joke, told by me, after which I blushed hard)...

jack and coke

Mr. Daniels and, uh, Mr. Cola.

Another crowd in the living room laughing and wii-ing.
At one point we were in tears as my Aunt attempted to explain the time my grandmother mistook my father (who was wearing a wig) for a woman...

It was one of those great days full of good food (beef filet sandwiches, frites, pickles, orange ginger salad) and little cousins sliding around on the ice and a constant line outside the bathroom door.
The prep was mighty and so was the eating and drinking and laughing, which is just as it should be.


Joke said…
LOVE the big board. LOVELOVELOVE it.

My wife would carve out my throat with a razor before she allowed such a thing but I LOVE IT.

Angela said…
Good Hitler Joke:
Why didn't Hitler drink gin?
He said it made him mean.

I'm so glad to see that the ice didn't affect the good times! (I was going to say something all cheese-like about ice and warmth and family or something, but then I realized I didn't have it in me.)
Badger said…
Happy birthday to your ma!

That is a hell of a lot of ice, I have to say. We get ice almost every winter but it doesn't pile up in freakin' DRIFTS like that.
Paula said…
What a lovely, lovely day!

Wait...your forsythia is blooming? I live in the south and there's not a peep of it showing here. Sigh...
Anonymous said…
It was relieving to read that the party went on smoothly though.
And now...back to cleaning and such, ugh!
pirata segreto said…
I'm so impressed that you had the bathroom reconstruct going and that you were able to put your house together AND cook for visitors. The pictures are great. I've been meaning to ask, as a recent lurker, where is Tuvalu? I had never heard of it before your blog.
Anonymous said…
That ice looks very cold. Plenty for Mr Daniels drink I dare say. Sounds like a great time was had by all.
Velma said…
Oh, hooray! It sounds like it was lovely - did the bread turn out well?
MsCellania said…
I am totally knicking that big blackboard idea. Maybe will be a whiteboard, as that is already around here somewhere - oh, in the playroom. I like the look of the blackboard better anyway. And I can see how Daddy and math homework are going to be regular occupiers of the thing. Yes! It's a done deal!

Happy Happy Birthday to your mama.

Hope your bathroom re-do goes swimingly well. (is that redundant?)

I am addicted to Magic Eraser too.
Anonymous said…
i actually like that photo of me and Mr. daniels.

brother b
Jaye Joseph said…
That board is BRILLIANT. It might end up in my dining "area" (I hesitate to actually call it a room).
Anonymous said…
First Happy Birthday.
Second I love the black board oversized and framed like that!
Third cool kitchen too, I wnat your house.
Four I am a terrible joke teller.
Five Happy birthday again.