6:30 am - alarm goes off.
6:35 - wake Youngest, use downstairs bathroom.
6:38 - check email. Post.
6:45 - wake Middle.
6:48 - get dressed, make beds.
6:58 - wake Middle.
7:00 - give Youngest a donut, make his lunch.
7:05 - wake Middle.
7:20 - drive Youngest to school.
7:40 - have a cup of coffee.
7:45 - check Middle's pulse.
7:50 - read blogs.
8:05 - call school to say Middle will not be in*.
8:10 - clean up kitchen.
8:15 - straighten up bathroom.
8:20 - leave house.
8:30 - pick up W.
8:40 - leave W, K and Middle at train.
8:43 - go back home to use the loo.
8:44 - leave for Old Navy.
9:00 - arrive at Old Navy, fall in love with several items, discover most of receipt is missing.
9:15 - 9:50 - wait while Old Navy employee looks up sale and does even exchange.
9:51 - check home answering machine.
9:52 - make frantic calls to freight company.
9:55 - rush home to receive tiles.
10:05 - arrive home to find tiles being dumped in driveway.
10:07 - put laundry in washing machine.
10:10 - go to coffee shop. Endure mother's group discussing breastfeeding issues whilst trying to surf the internet and drink tea.
11:10 - return home. Call Youngest's school to say he must leave early.
11:25 - phone calls with health and dental insurance companies.
11:45 - move laundry.
11:46 - upon request, inspect bench in shower.
11:50 - make coffee for workmen.
11:55 - look for Youngest's Shuffle. Pick up his room.
12:15 - phone calls.
1:00 - All My Children.
2:00 - pick up Middle's room.
2:40 - leave to get Youngest.
2:44 - sign Youngest out of school, make sure secretary knows that I disapprove.
2:50 - off to the doctor.
3:15 - find parking space.
3:30 - pulmonary tests. Talk to nurse practitioner. Explain lapse in insurance to bookkeeper.
4:15 - find parking space.
4:55 - arrive home.
5:00 - meet W at station and drive him home.
5:20 - return home.
5:23 - phone call.
5:33 - take Youngest to dinner.
6:50 - meet K's train.
6:52 - make notes on everything wrong with the shower to give workers in the morning.
7:05 - fold laundry.
7:20 - use downstairs bathroom.
7:33 - collapse on bed.

The rest seems to be a blur.

*Middle is fine - he went to a recording session with K.


Anonymous said…
I'm sure you don't get this question, but I might steal this and detail my day too for every time someone asks me "so, what do you do all day?".
Paula said…
Wait..who's W?

And? All My Children?

You are an enigma.

Oh, and you're going to LOVE your shower bench.
Badger said…
I assume the W to whom you so mysteriously refer is not, in fact, our Commander In Chief?

And your insurance phone calls only took 20 minutes? What are you, a witch?

Remind me to tell you about how, due to a huge three-way fustercluck between the doctor, our mail order pharmacy, and our local Walgreens, the boy child has been without one of his allergy meds for nearly a month now. Because that's a REALLY GOOD STORY. Although I pretty much just told it.

Poppy B. said…
It's 9:10 a.m. I'm sitting on my unmade bed, wearing pajamas, drinking coffee, and reading blogs.

Should I feel guilty?
Anonymous said…
I am offering you a glass of red wine. Whew, what a day you had.
Jennifer said…
It's rewarding being the glue to the family isn't it? That's what I like most about being MOM.

However... I'm quite baffled as to why you still clean the kids rooms?
tut-tut said…
I agree with the last comment; stop cleaning, unless by which you mean taking out of there dishes, glasses, and anything else that might attract . . . vermin.
Suse said…
I'm with them. Why are you cleaning your 12 year old and 15 year olds bedrooms dear one?
Anonymous said…
Interesting...I learned that in the US and AUS mothers don't clean their chidlren's rooms.
I wonder what they think about mothers all over Italy still cleanign up after their "chidlren" of 40 and up...obviously STILL leaving with parents.
There are a LOT.