we need some RANDOM

Ten thousand phone calls, demo started, a surprise visit from my brother L, and two trips to the mechanic, bitter biting cold, dusty demo house, do I have PMS?
You may contemplate what you wish, or view the carnage.

As the four of us will now be sharing the downstairs bathroom, K decided to install an exhaust fan. We have plaster walls. And look at the wallpaper he found.


Oh, and, that shower rod is NICELY PATINA-ED, DO YOU HEAR ME? PA-TEEN-AH.
Turned out he needed 'the big guns' and had to borrow them from our Australian friend.

the big guns

The big gun(s).


The first sign of spring.
Yep. When the suet goes on sale you just KNOW that spring is around the corner.

pork and hominy stew

Pork and hominy stew. Which is damn fine.

<span class=

Gifts from Japan. On Youngest's bedroom door.


I cleaned out my 'office' which is really a drawer and two cabinets.
I'm pretty sure that I have purchased colored pencils every school year for ten years.
And here they are.

paint chips

This is my impressive collection of paint chips.
I'm sure I could have made business card holders with them (I saw that last week on the internet) but I THREW THEM OUT.


The view from Youngest's room.
Sometime soon I am going to do a post of windows at night.
K says I'm a voyeur, I say WHATEVER.

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Yes. It expired it 1994. I had wondered why this lotion failed to take the itch out of bites.

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This is medication that we got from the lovely doctor on the island when Youngest had pneumonia. It worked very well at clearing his breathing and raising his heart rate significantly. When we returned home I looked it up - it has been removed from the market (in the free world) for a decade.

Never mind - just LOOK how terrific my office looks:

cabinet use

My reward.



BabelBabe said…
I have a bit of a thing for office supplies - and colored pencils are beautiful. I love that photo. I just bought the boys two packs of new crayons - and myself a 24-pack of colored pencils. why? no idea. they are just so pretty.

and - why have i never noticed before that K has an earring?
Badger said…
My DH has an earring too!

That shelf full of medication(s) looks AWFULLY FAMILIAR.

I want a cupcake.
tut-tut said…
Windows at night. Would make a great series, wouldn't it?
Anonymous said…
Hey, is that W a pro Bush thing? I can't make out the gray image behind it.

just askin'
blackbird said…

--erica said…
I was wondering about the W too! lol
I've tried to focus on this post.. I'm still stuck on the POISON from the last.
POISON really?
Anonymous said…
Oh, I need to do this. Clean out my office, that is, which is a desk and a hutch. Maybe blogging about it will inspire me. Or a cupcake.

But actually, what I really wanted to say was that I LOVE looking into windows at night. Not to see PEOPLE. Just their HOUSES. Seriously, I used to walk around at night in San Francisco just to do this. And one of the best dates my husband and I ever had was when we walked around in the Marina and looked in the windows of magnificent richie houses.
Anonymous said…
I totaly have the voyeuristic disease. I am so pleased when the clocks change in the fall and I can see into people's houses as I drive home. Mind you it isn't the people I wish to peak at, merely their decorating finesse or lack thereof.
Anonymous said…
Please please please do a windows at night post. I don't like seeing people so much as the light, and their artwork and paint and furniture, and oh look you can see into the next room, too...
Alice said…
Love your office.
Can't believe that's a Wellfleet oyster... ever been there in September? That's my favorite, when all the crowds are gone and the weather's still nice.
Odd similarity, huh?
Anonymous said…
OOH - scary about the tropical island medicine! I must forward a copy of that post to my sister who travels with two kids with reactive airway disease. Her medical carry on is bigger than her suitcase of clothes. (Of course, she's a size 4, so what do you expect?)
Anonymous said…
Ah Wellfleet! thanks for the Clarification!
Anonymous said…
Nice office - easily as cluttered as mine. How many bottles of Elmers do you need? and that little baby stuck to the inside of the door...well, that's just creepy!
Love the hardwood floors though, very nice!
kt said…
There isn't much more fun (legally) than using a reciprocating saw.
jenny said…
I share your paint chip affliction.

And the reciprocating saw is easily my husband's favorite tool.

And because of pictures like that I will be more viligent about pulling the blinds.
Anonymous said…
I recognize the "guns", hubby has so many aroudn here...see, we have to drill, knock down, break, crush EVERYTHING.
I understand we're all voyeurs in a decorating, furnishing, lighting way...so pelase do post night windows