water water everywhere

I'm getting my Survivor post together...

but for now -


Water in the front yard.


Water in the back yard.

water back yard


Water in the basement.
We are pumping.
We are syphoning.
We are soaking wet.

Standby while we battle.
And wish us luck.


Paula said…
Good Luck and um...keep yer pwder dry!
Paula said…
I'm saving vowels tday.

O's especially
Eliane said…
I know, isn't it awful! I am rescuing Michiel's woodworking stuff in the basement. Fortunately it is only partly wet. And I walked the dog through water up to my ankles. Which was fine, I was wearing rubber boots. But cold, because it's all ice water. Greetings from The Big Slush.
Velma said…
Been there, drained that.

Dry up soon!
Jennifer said…
Swimming party in bb's basement!!

Joke said…
I told you that skating rink idea was a bad one. Did you listen? Nooooooo...


P.S. Seriously...YIKES!
sara said…
Glad we're not the only ones. People at work were horrified when I told them we had a puddle in the basement. (new construction, the whole lot of them.) I sniffed and said, "Show me a basement that's not a bit damp after this week, and I'll show you ---" at which point my least favorite colleague snidely burst in and said, "A dry basement?"
Good luck.
Anonymous said…
Okay, I missed a post ... or something. Water everywhere? Why? OMSH! In the basement!
Anonymous said…
Dude. When the water starts coming through walls or floor (as opposed to the drain) you don't want to be down there. It means that the water pressure in the soil is very, very high -- basement walls can and do collapse under those circumstances. Weird, but I have known of two different people in two different cities who have drowned in their basements under those exact circumstances.