two important notes

1. You know that Survivor isn't on television tonight, right?

2. As there will be no contractors on the premises tomorrow, I am officially declaring it
Clean Like A Crazy Woman Day.
I was going to declare it Damn It To Hell I Need To Wax The Kitchen Walls Day, but
it's going to rain and I can't wax in the rain.


Velma said…
Tomorrow is Fiddle With My Blog Day around here. I've become obsessed with peekaboo menus, so I've given tomorrow morning over to seeing what I can cobble together.

Sooooooo exciting, right?
Aren't you glad I shared?
Anonymous said…
ok, we need to have a talk. First you admit that you like to iron, and now this waxing the walls thing. Do you need some more books to read, or another room to renovate? Because really - this is crazy talk. CRAZY!!!
Sarah Louise said…
Wax the walls?

I have so much to learn.
Anonymous said…
Yeah...How do you wax the walls???
I wanna learn too!
Anonymous said…
As beautiful as they are, there is nothing on God's green earth that would cause me to apply a finish to the walls that would require me to WAX THEM.

I'm happy when I do the once-a-year Windex-off-the-fingerprints-from-the-doorframe ritual