things you can really only hear people say if you watch All My Children

  • If you'll excuse me, I need to shower and change - I have a double funeral to attend.
  • And then, after I threw myself out the window, it was Babe who stood by me.
  • Blackmail is a very powerful tool.
  • I will never tell my father that the baby you are carrying isn't his.
  • At your funeral, your father saw Michael smile at your coffin, that's why he hated him.


Velma said…
I think I need a little more soap opera absurdity in my life these days. Like a long-lost evil twin whose existence my parents have been keeping a secret for over 40 years after the state took her away due to the disfiguring household cleaning product accident and sent her to the Home For Little Disfigured Wanderers. Or something.
Badger said…
I watched that one years and years and years ago, when Tad was a juvenile delinquent.

Actually, I watched it a little bit after that, too, when that girl who has that show with Regis was a juvenile delinquent. And when Buffy the Vampire Slayer was Erica's daughter.
Unknown said…
Or today's ending:

Tad: Oh I'm here. What's the big deal?

Chandler: Take your one night stand and your demon spawn and GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE. Get out of here!

So, do you think Zoe and Binaca are going to get it own? I grimace as I type those words. Ugh!
Anonymous said…
I'm trying not to be scared, but I am VERY scared.

And bon bons ... are there bon bons too? I always heard they go nicely with soaps...although I think I'd prefer nachos with margaritas.
Anonymous said…
Oh, lord, I have not seen All My Children lately, and (is it wrong that I say this?) I am kinda curious now. One Life to Live, on the other hand, which has always been my normal standby, has gone all to hell. I watched it today and all that happened was basically that Blair got drunk and tried to make Todd jealous by pretending to be on a date with Spencer's brother.

Oops, I seem to have embarrassed myself.
Anonymous said…
I would have never EVER thought you were into soaps.
Multi faceted (is this word correct???) woman, you are.
Sarah Louise said…
I haven't really watched soaps since college, but it was AMC I watched my senior year, with my friend Steph.

I adored Santa Barbara when in high school and was so sad they cancelled it.