that magic eraser sponge...

has some kind of addictive quality.
I've erased the dining room and parts of the living room.
I can't figure out if it would be easier to repaint.
And what's it doing to my fingertips? Exfoliating? I think so.

I did the sole bathroom and washed the kitchen floor (this is the stuff of national holidays).
I vacuumed the week's tile dust off the living room and orange oiled the woodwork.

Oldest's room has been fluffed.
Middle's room needs fumigation.
My room is very tidy looking as I am assuming that people will want to see the new bathroom, such as it is.

And speaking of the bathroom: Restoration Hardware has come through in the pinch - I think.
After months of mysterious shipping dates, it sounds like my sink will be here within the next two weeks.

I need to start two breads, make the chocolate cake things, roast some cashews and throw together a salad of citrus, cabbage, arugula and almonds.

We are ready for company.

Brother L sent these words, spotted at his gym:

Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile. You are a great friend. Life CAN be the party we hoped for, and while we're here we should still dance...


Sarah Louise said…
Love love that quote!! Hope your party is a tremendous success, by which I mean FUN!

Happy bday to your mama!
Anonymous said…
yeah, those magic erasers are magic. what is in them? i hope they don't find out someday that it's some strange chemical that is going to cause us all some deadly illness! i use them daily, i've just about erased everything!
Alice said…
cleaning AND inspiring thoughts?
sounds like the perfect post to me.

Oh, and I will try the magic eraser and report back... does it clean a dirty after party college kitchen? Time will tell.
Anonymous said…
I was set that quote vi aemial a couple of times and it amazes me that an internet person such yourself had never heard or seen it. It's beautiful.
Buon Compleanno Mamma Merla
(Happy Birthday Blackbird Mom)