Do you like those JC Penny commercials? The ones with the people moving through a big dollhouse kind of thing on a turntable? It has that new kind of baby talk music? I do, I think.
It's a shame I've never been to a JC Penny.

I had a BRILLIANT idea while we were waiting for the show to start -
wouldn't it be SO FUNNY if K bought me a big huge diamond necklace in the shape of the word IT? Just like in the ebay commercials. I could say things like: I always wanted it, I made him buy it for me, and isn't it pretty? I'm so funny.
K said no.

It's night 11 and the Ravus are cooking coconut and looking beat. Yau thinks he's pretty sure where the hidden idol is but doesn't know how to dig in camp. He's frustrated and talks to Earl who offers to help. We think Earl has ulterior motives.

On day 12 Michelle talks about how her team is struggling. And it's true - this team looks and works as though they have been on the island much longer than the other team. Earl takes them hunting for snails to distract them from Yau's digging.

At Moto we hear about the first challenge - the teams are given books to choose two rewards from, some are necessary items and some are luxurious things. The teams make their choices and go off to the challenge.

Rocky arrives angry.
Boo arrives eating mango and picking his teeth.
This fires Rocky up even more - but that's good because it's a sumo wrestling challenge using a bolster cushion from a daybed from the local Holiday Inn.
Rocky's temper has him raging at Dreamz but he's not able to win and Dreamz struts his stuff for a little while.
The match ups are wonderful.
Cassandra mops the floor with Rita.
Edgardo practically invites Anthony to jump off the platform to lose, and Boo makes very quick time of Earl.
Only Yau does well for Ravu by pushing tiny Stacy off for a win.
He says he feels badly but 'a win is a win.'
Moto wins by a point and Earl gets sent away.

Moto take coffee (with a french press) and toiletries and MORE fishing gear home with them as their reward.
And then an interesting thing happens.
Lisi and Stacy sit around rolling their eyes while being cruel to Dreamz and Cassandra.
Dreamz and Cassandra don't know how to use a french press and the women do nothing to assist them.
While they drink cups of coffee grounds, Alex (who looks like Zach on AMC)becomes infuriated. Dreamz and Cassandra are very sincere and strong players and this treatment outrages him.

On Exile Island, Earl gets pretty much the same clue for where the idol is hidden: IT'S IN CAMP UNDER THE FRONT OF THE CAVE. We KNOW. He needs a shovel.
Back at camp, his teammates are losing their minds as Rita can't shut up. Boyfriends and shoes and lip gloss, she goes on and on and no one wants to hear it.

Alex starts to push for his team to re-connect with Dreamz and Cassandra. Frustrating.
And sad. There is some effort made to warm up to the two players but it turns out that Dreamz isn't so stupid. He may not be versed in the french pressing of coffee but he and Cassandra are tight and they have PLANS.

There's a pretty good commercial for a Disney film right around here - it includes a hysterical bit where a T-Rex moans and wails that he has a big head and tiny arms. I'm going to start using this line - I'm just not sure where.

Time for the last challenge.
It's Concentration!
You know, you flip over the tile and match it to another one.
But it's harder than it looks as the symbols on the tiles are similar and there are lots of 6's and 9's. CONFUSING!
Shot from a funny angle we are of no help and cannot remember where anything is either.
Lisi falls flat on her face! WHICH WE LOVE!
Moto wins via Cassandra AGAIN and Ravu loses via Rocky.
It seems like each of the Ravu have had a loss to bear, and, surprisingly, Rocky is up front about his.
He apologizes to his team and explains that he was tired and confused.
And we get that.
He's this season's Oldest. Hot headed and a little crazy - there's one every show.

But who will be voted out?
It would seem Anthony (wimpy but nice) or Rita (who I would have strangled by now) who tells 'little stories' to keep the team entertained.
It's Rita.
One more episode wherein the universe shows me I could not participate in Survivor.
I'd have waaaaaaaaaay too many little stories.

The big news is that the show does not return until March 21st and, it would appear from the coming attractions, that the teams will merge and that Rocky and Dreamz will be allies.
Seems like a lot of information to give away...we'll just have to wait and see.
Or watch basketball.
But as we've got our own March Madness going on over here, I think we'll just sit back and wait.


jenny said…
I was hoping it would be Rocky, which, now that you've compared him to your own son - I feel horrible about. But he's so negative.

And why did none of them go back to the starting line so they could see the memory board at the same angle instead of wandering around the rows?

Is it still called armchair quarterbacking when it doesn't involve football?
Badger said…
Yeah, I was going to snark on Rocky but then you compared him to your kid, so I can't. THANKS A LOT.

I have never been a big Dreamz fan but I lurve Cassandra so I can't wait to see the two of them stick it to the Mean Girls.

Next episode looked more like a reshuffle than a merge to me. Which could be VERY INTERESTING.
Anonymous said…
The coffee press thing INFURIATED me. Dreamz was HOMELESS, he doesn't know about fancy methods to brew coffee, and for those girls to use their privileged upbringings to make him look stupid was just astounding to me.

I am so freaking pissed. I think she might be ther first Survivor cast member where, if I saw her on the street, I would have to hit her.
Anonymous said…
Survivor NEEDS to come back from the break with a twist that socks it to Lisi.

Or I may have to go to anger management classes.
jenny said…
I am just so tired of watching the sad team lose and lose. I'd like to see Lisi and Stacy end up in the terrible camp and the other team come to the next challenge dinking their precious fancy-brewed coffee. It's s simple process, Stacy said---simple if you've ever done it before! Ug! That whole thing got to me!
Jennifer said…
Due to technical difficulties *ie: Adam taping American Idol on BOTH televisions* I missed Survivor this week. Doesn't sound like I missed to much though. Thanks as always for the low down :)

AND the heads up that it's not on again till after March Break.

Have a great weekend! I have some tiramasu here for you instead of your yucky pudding :)
~ej said…
oh, so basketball is why the break, i get it now! i cannot stand lisi and the coffee press chick? i just wanted to smack her, lots of ppl wouldn't know how to do that....i love these reviews :)