I think it's day 8.
Earl wants to talk - he wants his team to open up, discuss their feelings.
Rocky can't stand Anthony and he is instigating trouble. (Although Rocky claims this is an act, I don't believe it.)
And poor Anthony, it turns out, has low self esteem and is a bit of a whiner. He can't imagine what he's done to make Rocky so angry. He even cries a little.

A commercial for Pringles Select comes on. I love how a crappy product like Pringles can now have a special select version, in special flavors. The Pringles are sun dried tomato flavor - what the HECK is that? I can't even imagine what that would taste like.
Campbells makes select soup too...blech.

Back to the show -
At Moto Gary still isn't feeling very well. He complains a lot of dizziness and I can't imagine how he has hurt himself or how he will keep going. Cassandra, who seems so nice, sits with him and trys to help him feel better. In the meantime Lisi tell us that she 'doesn't want to babysit' which makes us despise her.

But it's time for a challenge.
A frottage challenge.
On a balance beam, over the water.
And that's really all I can do to explain it...
It's a great challenge - very exciting as there are lots of spills and contortions.
(Gary has sat out.)
Ravu does pretty well at first, but they mess up...and Moto win, which makes us wonder if it IS possible that having the comforts of home at their camp has kept the tribe strong - they have food and water and are able to sleep pretty well, maybe it DOES make a difference in their performance.

Rocky is really angry about losing all the time.
His team is trying to figure out how to do better and Yau Man is on Exile Island.
He does just fine there and gets the third clue for the location of the hidden idol.
(Just as a sidenote, I'd like to say that that it was awfully easy for everyone to figure out where the idol was - the difficulty this time is that the idol is in camp, which is another good twist.)

Lisi is doing a lot of complaining about people. Lilianna's flirting is annoying her and Gary's injury is just pissing her off. She wouldn't mind if he has to leave, she tells us, because it would be 'one less person.' Now I hate her. The medics come in and determine that nothing major is going on with Gary but offer to take him out of the game, and he goes.

Another challenge, which Rocky goes to with a camisole and coconut breasts...
Team members are locked in cages and the survivors must run through obstacles on the water to get to them, free them, and paddle back to shore to release one final team member from a last cage. The winner gets immunity and a sealed message in a bottle.

Of course it is Moto again.
Nasty Lisi gets the message in the bottle...
and it's a tough one -
the winning team must chose between immunity and their luxurious camp.
They choose the camp, and so, must vote someone off.

When they get back to camp, Dreamz, in all his naivete, wants the team to talk openly about who should get voted out...of course this doesn't go well and everyone goes off to scheme and manipulate anyway.
It comes down to Lilianna or Cassandra and fortunately, because we like her, Cassandra gets to stay.
So, Lisi gets HER way - she had lobbied for Lilianna to go, and there is a shot at the end of her evil, smug face as Lilianna leaves.

Have I mentioned that I love the survivor's shoulder bags? Because I DO.


Anonymous said…
Ugh! Can I just say I HATED the way Lisi mis-characterized Dreamz' request? He was trying to be a *family*, and I felt bad for him that he was so open and optimistic. Sniff. I really hate her and would like to see her go!
On a side note, much the way the last Survivor was a experiment in race, I think this one is an experiment in class/privilege. It's fascinating to see how the "rich" just keep getting richer, while the "poor" just can't get a break no matter how much heart they have. Also, is it just me, or is Moto getting greedier as they get richer? I mean, they chose their "money" over safety -- it's practically sacrilege in Survivor.
Anonymous said…
Gah! I am so relieved that I am not the only one loathing that rotten Lisi.

I hope she gets diarrhea.

And, wait! I was SO hoping you would explain that whole disturbing image of something disgusting coming out of that snake's mouth. WTH was that??? Someone please tell me!
Badger said…
I think that was one snake regurgitating another. Because they don't shed that way, I don't think. But WTF do I know?

I would like to go on record as having loved Cassandra from the VERY FIRST EPISODE of this season. Still love her. So glad she wasn't voted off.

I loved the nice camp vs. immunity twist. Could not BELIEVE they actually decided to vote someone off rather than give up their freaking COUCH.

I was meh on Rocky but I'm going to have to hate him now because he made sweet Anthony cry.

Still love Earl. And Yau Man.

I had no idea who Liliana was so who cares.
blackbird said…
Sorry Melisa -
eyes firmly CLOSED during snake scenes...
robiewankenobie said…
the leon reports that snakes shed their entire outsides including the skin over their eyes. i'll take him at his work, 'cause i don't want to see what will come up in a search of the internets.
robiewankenobie said…
or at his word. 'cause he works at a construction site, and if i take him there, it could be quite uncomfortable. *ahem*
andysa said…
I can't believe they picked the good camp over immunity. It might get them the win next round I guess, but it doesn't seem worth it to lose a tribe member.