Survivor recap

LisiwhoIhate returns from Exile Island to join the Ravu team of men.
They have mixed feelings about her, it seems, but she tells them that she's had a spiritual awakening on the island and wants to play.
I just think she's crazy.

At Moto there are 3 old Motos and 3 old Ravus - so Earl is thinking that sets things up to be pretty even (now that I read that, I realize that we are BOTH geniuses). He takes the team off to retrieve their boat so that Yau Man can dig for the idol.
Surprisingly, as Yau always appears so fragile, he finds it.
Much excitement ensues and he lapses into a Star Wars sounding language.
He pledges to share the idol with Earl and he is so sincere and sweet that he melts my heart.
At one point he says something like: to think that this big, young, strong black man would befriend me...
And, to Earl's credit, he seems to be a man of his word. They are a somewhat unlikely alliance in this setting, but I'm liking them a lot.

Time for a challenge!
It's jai alai with fire!
I am very fond of it...the flinging of balls of fire onto targets far afield.
But the reward does nothing for me: hot dogs and beer and a day at an arcade? Pool playing and golfing?
The exciting thing is that Ravu wins! For the first time this season.
Earl gets sent to Exile Island, but he doesn't mind.

At the arcade/hot dog feast the Ravus are "stuffing their pie holes." Rocky tells us this, and he isn't amused. So, when the rest of the team get sick from so much food, Rocky instigates problems and gives them all a hard time.
Edgarrrrrrrrdo has had enough of Rocky behaving this way, and Lisi kisses up.

Day 18 brings us back to Moto where Yau decides to make a decoy idol to bury to trick his team.
In the immunity challenge, callers from each team direct blindfolded members to skull pinatas filled with puzzle tiles.
It's a pretty exciting challenge and there's lots of screaming and near misses and Michele falls off her caller platform.
But Moto win again.
And I begin to hope and pray that they vote LisiwhoIhate off.
She has a laugh from hell and she's mean.

At tribal council I found myself intrigued with accessories.
I'm really into their bags, you know, and I realized their buffs are pretty perfectly arranged for close-ups.
Anyway, Rocky gets voted out - which is just fine with me, but the bad news is, he goes onto the damn jury...somehow I just know that this is going to bite someone in the ass.


Anonymous said…
Yau Man is delightful to watch... loved his fake idol ploy.
Sarah Louise said…
I still don't get this show.
abrowncow said…
i told them not to boot off anthony so quick... they would have done much better and been much happier the last 3 days with anthony and lisi and now to have rocky on the jury... totally a bad thing. aye ca rumba.

and yau man with the silly fake idol... he's a hoot.
Badger said…
I am peeved that Rocky and Lisi will BOTH be on the jury. Because you know Lisi won't make it to final three.

I still love Earl and Yau Man.
RW said…
We were watching with you in spirit.

Is that creepy? I just mean that I was watching the show and wondering why sort of things you might comment on ....

Yau Man is looking very thin.

I am glad Rocky is gone.

Do you really think Earl is a man of his word?
Anonymous said…
Uhmmm , I'm not a survivor fan at all - my idea of a good season of survivor would be to put a bunch of Hooters girls on Jeopardy and see who makes it to Final Jeopardy! - but I had to write you and send you to a site I just found. Remembering your affinity for "tiny people art" I thought about you as soon as I saw this web site.

Most of it is oddly evocative - I really like some of it! Scroll half way down the page and you'll find "Another Great Little People Installation" there's even more in previous pages. I hope you'll try it and I hope you'll like it. Life is full of odd little diversions, isn't it?
Scot in Colorado
Anonymous said…
By the way - you can follow the link from to this,
it's a bit more direct. Sorry about that!
Scot in Colorado
blackbird said…
RW - I really like it if you'd post an email address with blogger...

Scott in Colorado - I have to admit, I was nervous that you were spamming me, and were sending me to something else, but BRAVO, SCOTT IN COLORADO, THAT WAS A GREAT LINK.
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad you liked the links! Frankly, I LOVE teeny tiny art. It's like a shot glass full of irish cream and frangelico!(Sorry but that does not include that little baby doll nailed to the inside of your cabinet door, like I said before - that's just creepy!)
Scot in Colorado
RW said…
Will try to post email - I am a bit of a techno-peasant.