I've had some unexpected pleasures during this renovation -
of course I still hide during the day and cringe at all the noise and dust, but little things make me very happy.

Downstairs, in Middle's bathroom, there is a radio - so I can listen while I shower.
And I remembered today, watching some water trickle from the spout below, that Middle sat there, when he was a baby, and played while I showered each morning. He would hold cups under the water and then I would snuggle him up in a towel.

I did the dance of joy when our plastic shower stall was hauled out.

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And then, whilst dancing, I noticed that one of the workers was making notes in a wee hardcover book.
Neat book, said I, showing him how I wasn't at all crazy after the dancing business.
Yesterday he showed up with four of them! For ME!


We are having fun thinking of where things will go, and what colors we might want and choosing fixtures, but I was annoyed to read this at AT.
Damn, I thought, I should have ordered a Speakman shower head...
And then, this morning, K brought me upstairs to check shower head placement with me, and LO, as we opened the Resto box, what did we see? A SPEAKMAN SHOWER HEAD.

flesh colored

I guess I didn't know, whilst 'colour washing' the walls (it was 1995, OKAY) that the Ethan Allen medicine chest was so easily removable.

They cut the plastic shower into little pieces-

plastic shower dirge

and took it away, my books are waiting to be filled with lists, and K and I like to stand in the empty room imagining our new bathroom after they leave each evening...



Sarah Louise said…
Your take out the shower guy just brought you those???? Wow!! They are gorgeous!!

I want one...


Okay...deep breath.

I have plenty of nice spiral notebooks in my closet.

Hissy fit now concluded. Happy Saturday!!

(See when you mentioned book and you mentioned hardcover book, and your son playing in days of yourer, me, the one who reads too quickly, thought maybe it was a book of yours that had been wedged behind there...)

SL, the crazy one...
Anonymous said…
2 years later i still marvel at our re-done bathroom. it's a magical thing!
Anonymous said…
Neat books !
Paula said…
So who brought you the books, the ruddy one or the scowly one?

They are lovely by the way. I have a thing for empty books, Imake them and I buy them.
BabelBabe said…
What a sweetheart!
I hope you provide them with coffee...? I always feel compelled to make large pots of very strong coffee when we have workmen. and not ONE of them has ever brought me a present - well, other than a functioning drain, non-sparking light fixtures, and a warming furnace. I'm so ungrateful...
blackbird said…
Hot coffee is brought to them once in the morning and then available all day...