shopping for spring

I love to read bunnyshop.
And when I'm done on that page, I like to click on one of the ads, because I'm nice that way.
Today I landed in Bergdorf Goodman, which I have to tell you - you should visit as soon as you can.
It's a feast for the eyes IRL, Bergdorf Goodman, and there is no other store like it in the world.
The website is disappointing when you know what the store looks like, but I managed to pick out some things...

Picture 6

I like this coat. It's from Marc Jacobs and, more often than not, I like his things.
Pretty, with a little sense of whimsy. I don't remember but I think it's $2000.

Picture 7

If ever I WAS going to buy a calfskin tunic, this would definitely be the one.
I like the pants and shoes too - Derek Lam, about $9000 for the whole shebang.

Picture 8

I pretty much lost track of the whose and how much by then, but I thought this dress was flattering and comfortable and it has very subtle polka dots, which is the only way I could wear polka dots.

Picture 9

I love this smock top. I want dozens of smock tops and will be sad when the trend fades and will continue to wear them. If I bought this one I would be SURE that I could wear my J Crew tee shirt underneath it, thereby saving me hundreds of dollars on the designer tee shirt shown with it. AND I WOULD BE WRONG.

Picture 10

I thought I'd throw this in to see if you were awake.
THEY would have to pay ME the five grand to wear this.
But perhaps I should consider a pubic chain belt with my other skirts?

Picture 11

These would be very nice with the smock top.

Picture 12

These are ladylike and lovely.

Picture 13

These would be pretty with all my neutral clothes.

Picture 14

I would consider these, I like the lines of them, but I DO NOT LIKE LOGOS. For shame, Prada, FOR SHAME.

Picture 15

Do you remember these? Kork-Ease sandals? I had them in high school, and they were very comfortable and made me taller. I am thinking that I need to ask my friend D if they are comfortable still (she bought a pair last summer and we all envied her) and MAYBE I will buy a pair so that I can wear them in Italy and be able to hear what K is saying to me. (He's a foot taller than me.) I will need a pair of buckle-on sandals that won't fall off when we are on a scooter or boat. AND THAT IS HOW I WILL RATIONALIZE THEM. But beige or black? High or low? Much thinking to do.


What did I really buy?
Two pairs of pants for Youngest.
A shirt for K.
Boxers for K.
Three tee shirts for me.
For a grand total OF $164.00.


MsCellania said…
Myself and Bergdorf Goodman shall never meet. As I would then be a jaded shopper.
I dropped some serious dinero at JJill yesterday. This is going to be a Skirts Summer. The mission today? Shoes.
Velma said…
Oh my goodness. Thank you for the bunnyshop link!
Anonymous said…
Oh goody a fashion post! Maybe you can help me.It's long story but I wound up on the Spiegel catalog list. A big Sping one just plopped in my mailbox and I'm baffled, wondering, who the heck wears that stuff?And I'd love to get your take-

Don't miss Sophisticated Crochet and the Look Book.Belive it or not, it looks somewhat better online than in the catlog! So who shops there? Aging former Victoria's Secret Shoppers? Getting too long here but I suspect VC clothing shoppers are young second and third wives and aging call girls.

Wanna weigh in on this?

Anonymous said…
I'd go for low bb...LOTS of steps here and LOTS of walking around and LOTS of hopping on the boats.
If you'er not one of those girls who constantly wear high heels, FORGET IT.
Did I make myself clear?
Other than that I'd love to see you in that yellow slit skirt number...
BabelBabe said…
Those will give you blisters, dear. go lower,, and get something with a *little* support. Paola's right - you will walk and walk wand walk.

I do know I can trust you not to wear running shoes, however.